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Sentina® Inko Pad

open incontinence system

Product composition

  • absorbent core made from pure cellulose pulp
  • distributing nonwoven material made from hydrophilic, non-allergenic polypropylene
  • distributing nonwoven material made from hydrophilic, thermoset non-allergenic polypropylene
  • adhesive: hotmelt glue

Ordering information

Sentina® Inko Pad

Dimensions (cm)REF
38 x 1216513

Fields of application

for the absorption and storage close to the body of human excrement in mild urinary incontinence


  • perfect fit
  • good absorption capacity
  • retains liquid within the insert
  • soft and skin-friendly nonwoven outside covering
  • breathable single-use insert
  • sterilisable

To note

  • suitable for use with normal underwear