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Soft, economical all-purpose dressing

Product composition

Number of layers: made from a total of 14 layers
  • Cover layer: 2 layers of nonwoven material (outside) made from 67% viscose and 33% polyester, free of binders, spunbonded, no optical brighteners, off-white
  • Absorption layer: 12-layered cellulose wadding
  • How bonded: parallel quilted with polyester sewing thread, off-white

Ordering information

Stepcel Dressings

non-sterile, 100 pieces in a paper bag
56 mm x 50 mmSize 123484
90 mm x 50 mmSize 223486
110 mm x 75 mmSize 323488
150 mm x 130 mmSize 423489
non-sterile, 25 pieces in a foil pouch
56 mm x 50 mmSize 123483
90 mm x 50 mmSize 223485
110 mm x 75 mmSize 323487
sterile, individually sealed
25 cm x 15 cmSize 323480
50 cm x 15 cmSize 223481
1 m x 15 cmSize 123482


Dimensions (m x cm)REF
In rolls
25 x 1523490

Fields of application

The all-purpose dressings are intended for single use and should be sterilised before use.


  • for the absorption of exudate


soft, all-purpose dressing made from a fine, non-adherent nonwoven material combined with an absorbent cellulose inner layer for wounds with high levels of exudate; also has a cushioning effect