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Curapor® transparent

Surgical dressing, sterile

The Curapor® Transparent Wound Dressing is a surgical dressing made from a breathable waterproof film.

Product composition

Carrier film: 100 % polyurethane, skin-friendly polyacrylate adhesive (free of colophony and colophony derivatives)
Wound pad: absorbent layer made of viscose/polyester, polyester/polyethylene wound contact layer

Ordering information

Curapor® transparent

individually sealed and sterile
Dimensions (cm)Wound pad (cm)REFShipping unit
7 x 54 x 2.5130995/120
10 x 86 x 4131005/170
7 x 54 x 2.51310150/500
10 x 86 x 41310225/200
15 x 1011 x 51310325/225
20 x 1016 x 51310425/225
25 x 1020 x 51310525/225

Fields of application

  • sterile treatment of postoperative wounds, injuries sustained in accidents, as well as minor cuts and abrasions
  • minimally invasive surgery
  • protection against secondary infection
  • to cover wounds when showering or swimming


  • ready for use
  • transparent and waterproof
  • breathable
  • impermeable to bacteria
  • resistant to common disinfectants
  • safe adhesion, precise fit
  • leaves little residue; virtually painless removal
  • low risk of adhesion to the wound
  • also suitable for sensitive skin

To note

Sizes 7 x 5 cm and 10 x 8 cm have rounded edges