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    The L&R world in figures

    The L&R Flying Faculty, the publication search, the idea pool – all of this incorporate 30 years of experience and know-how.

    Flying Faculty.

    The “Flying Faculty”, operating worldwide: L&R offers its customers over 40 different training courses, from wound care to hygiene in the OR.

    Publication database

    Our publication database is made up of 734 fascinating entries which we use to publish our results on our research projects to the wider public.


    The idea pool.

    1159 ideas have already been submitted to our idea pool, which is easily accessible on the L&R website. You‘re invited to submit your own idea you‘d like to implement together with L&R.



    Year after year, L&R produces more than 5 million Kitpack OR Custom Procedure Trays

    … packing more than 150 million individual components per year

    … because our clients can choose from more than 8,000 components for each of our Kitpacks.

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