Ukraine war: L&R has supported with over EUR 300,000 to date

    Rengsdorf/Vienna, 1. June 2022 - Almost three months after the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Lohmann & Rauscher (L&R) provides a first summary of its support efforts. Already one day after the war began (24 February), Lohmann & Rauscher (L&R) handed over its first delivery of medical products. Many more donations of wound dressings and other medical products followed. In order to be able to help as quickly as possible, unbureaucratically and need-oriented, an emergency aid budget was set up. After the first days of the war, L&R concentrated its relief efforts primarily on activities implemented In the countries near Ukraine, like Poland, Croatia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

    • A total of 135 pallets of medical devices were donated by the beginning of May 2022.
    • The recipients of the medical products are mainly hospitals in Ukraine - these were/are supplied via the Ukrainian embassies in the surrounding countries, such as Croatia, Hungary, Poland, etc., or via organisations in these countries (e.g. International Red Cross). Refugee camps in Ukraine and neighbouring countries (especially Poland, Romania, Moldova), as well as nursing services in Ukraine, were also supplied via the L&R subsidiaries and the major partner organisations Humedica e.V. and Caritas Vienna. But also, for example, an L&R customer in the Ukraine who cares for children with the disease epidermolysis bullosa (butterfly disease) is among the recipients of donations.
    • In addition to these "classic" product donations, L&R also supported Ukrainian refugees in Germany and employees who gave refugees a new home or transported donations to refugee camps themselves.
    • In total, L&R's aid efforts up to the beginning of May correspond to a value of more than 300,000 EUR.
    • As of 13 May, the donation account set up for L&R employees showed an amount of over 7,400 EUR. This amount will still be used for relief measures.
    • The Czech L&R subsidiary has already provided more than 20 refugees from Ukraine with jobs at the Slavkov site and some also with accommodation. In Germany, too, they are actively recruiting refugees from Ukraine for the logistics centre in Neuwied-Block.
    • A news ticker on the L&R website documents most of the donation activities.

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