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Lengthwise and Widthwise Elastic Adhesive Bandage

Fields of application

  • for compression of the limbs (Dauerverbände, permanent bandages) in phlebology
  • as base or anchoring layer for tape applications in traumatology and sports medicine
  • for support and pressure relief of sprains, contusions and dislocations
  • for follow-up treatment of fractures


  • lengthwise elastic (to about 80%)
  • widthwise elastic (to about 40%)
  • permeable to air and water vapour
  • peremable to X-rays
  • skin-coloured
  • strong synthetic rubber adhesive, contains zinc oxide
  • with selvedges


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Stays in place best while moving

Panelast® and Panelast® PrO2 stay put: Two versions of this adhesive bandage with lengthwise and widthwise stretch are available with different types of adhesive. It is used for compression of limbs (permanent bandages) in phlebology and as a base or anchoring layer for tape applications in trauma medicine and sports medicine. It also provides support and pressure relief in cases of sprains, contusions and dislocations. The adhesive bandage is used for follow-up treatment of fractures.

The porous fabric coated with adhesive is permeable to air and water vapour and thus offers good ventilation — even when the turns of the bandage overlap.

Product composition

100 % cotton, synthetic rubber adhesive, contains zinc oxide

Ordering information


2.5 m (unstretched length)
Dimensions (cm x m)REFShipping units (piece)
individually packed in a folding box
6 x 2.5302701/50
8 x 2.5302711/50
10 x 2.5302721/50

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