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Rosidal® soft

Foam rubber bandage

Fields of application

  • as a padding material under compression bandages in lymphology and phlebology


  • lengthwise and widthwise stretch
  • even distribution of pressure to compensate for minor imperfections in bandaging technique
    (e.g. constriction)
  • increases patient comfort
    (e.g. cushioning of the tibial crest)
  • reduces bandage slippage
  • very permeable to air and moisture
  • tear-resistant and stretchable
  • with cut edges
  • white

To note

  • can be washed up to 50 times at
    max. 95°C
  • sterilizable by steam (121°C/134°C)
  • The product maintains its elasticity and cushioning effect even after washing.

The ideal padding — protective and soft

Lymphology and phlebology compression bandages require appropriate padding. The foam rubber bandage Rosidal soft is ideally suited for this purpose. It evenly distributes the compressive pressure of the Rosidal K short stretch bandage over the limb and ensures correct compression therapy by preventing constriction. Because the open pores of the Rosidal soft foam rubber bandage interlock, the bandage is prevented from slipping.

Tear-resistant and skin-friendly

Rosidal soft is made out of a skin-friendly, latex-free polyurethane foam which is very permeable to air and moisture. The foam rubber bandage is tear-resistant and retains its elasticity even after repeated washing.

Product composition

100% polyurethane foam.

Ordering information

Rosidal® soft

2.5 m (unstretched length), with bandage clips
Width x thickness (cm)REFShipping Units (pcs.)Weight in kg (SC/TC)
individually packed in a cardboard box
10 x 0,3231101/300.06/2.10
10 x 0,4231111/240.07/2.09
12 x 0,4231121/160.08/1.68
15 x 0,4231131/140.10/1.76
bulk in a cardboard box
10 x 0,32310036-/1.62
10 x 0,42310124-/1.50
12 x 0,42310218-/1.39
15 x 0,42310314-/1.35

Rosidal® soft, two pieces in a cardboard box

2 m (unstretched length), with bandage clips
Width x Thickness (cm)REFShipping Units (boxes)Weight in kg (SC/TC)
10 x 0,2130161/230.09/2.12

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