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tg® Tubular Bandage

Fields of application

  • undercast padding for plaster of Paris and synthetic casts
  • time-saving retention of dressings in problem areas (head, torso, fingers, limbs)
  • also for light compression and retention of padding materials


  • knitted seamlessly
  • skin-friendly
  • made from fine yarns
  • widthwise stretch
  • can be applied without bunching
  • no constriction
  • white

To note

  • if required, sterilizable by steam (121°C)


    Seamless protection with multi-functional tubular bandage

    This multifunctional tubular bandage is used for a wide variety of applications. It is used to retain wound dressings and padding material, as well as to protect the skin under plaster of Paris and synthetic casts and compression bandages. In dermatological indications, it can also be used as protection in ointment therapy. Its flexible properties make it attractive from an economical perspective as well.

    Its pronounced elasticity and seamless construction ensure a comfortable fit, which is maintained even with constant motion with no bunching, regardless of the part of the body the tubular bandage is protecting.

    Product composition

    67% cotton (bleached), 33% viscose.

    Ordering information

    tg® Tubular Bandage

    rolled up in a cardboard dispenser
    Size (cm)REFShipping Units(pcs.)Weight in kg (SC/TC)
    5 m roll
    1 (1.4 cm) for finger and toe240201/800.02/1.86
    2 (2.3 cm) for fingers and toes240211/500.03/1.70
    3 (3.0 cm) for several fingers, child’s arm24022
    5 (5.5 cm) for arm, lower leg, child’s leg240231/400.06/2.37
    6 (6.5 cm) for arm, leg (medium)240241/400.08/3.41
    7 (7.0 cm) for arm (large), leg, child’s head240251/400.09/3.65
    20 m roll
    1 (1.4 cm) for finger and toe240001/20 0.09/2.00
    2 (2.3 cm) for fingers and toes240011/20 0.14/2.90
    3 (3.0 cm) for several fingers, child’s arm24002
    1/10 0.17/1.90
    5 (5.5 cm) for arm, lower leg, child’s leg240031/10 0.29/3.00
    6 (6.5 cm) for arm, leg (medium)240041/10 0.31/3.20
    7 (7.0 cm) for arm (large), leg, child’s head240051/18 0.34/6.30
    9 (8.5 cm) for thigh (large), head, armpit240061/12 0.41/5.10
    12 (12 cm) for thigh (large), head (large), child’s trunk240071/12 0.44/5.54
    10 m roll
    K1 (16 cm) for trunk (small) < M240301/10 0.28/2.99
    K2 (21 cm) for trunk (large) > L240311/10 0.37/3.97

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