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Rosidal® sys

Short stretch compression system

Fields of application

  • for the treatment of lower leg ulcers


  • effective and economical because padding and compression bandages can be reused (Rosidal soft and
    Rosidal K)
  • ready-for-use products combined in one handy set

To note

  • Rosidal soft and Rosidal K can be washed up to 50 times at 95°C
  • The system can be worn continuously for up to 7 days (high level of compression pressure is maintained throughout – as scientifically demonstrated by Prof. Dr. M. Jünger).

Systematic compression

Assembling individual components is time-consuming and reduces efficiency. This is why the Rosidal sys compression system with its durable, high-quality components designed to work together effectively makes good sense. The handy system, packaged as a set, contains all the medical components needed for good compression therapy.

The short stretch compression system is used for effective treatment of lower leg ulcers. The material’s low flexibility (stiffness) quickly reduces oedema in the affected limb. Rosidal sys remains on the leg around the clock during the acute phase — for up to seven days. This product features especially skin-friendly components.

Wound dressings, from our Suprasorb line for example, can be added at the appropriate phase for optimal wound treatment. Dressing changes are timed to suit the individual patient.

Treatment safety in a set

The Rosidal sys set is ready-for-use and especially effective and economical for long-term therapy. Because the padding and compression bandages can be reused they are much more economical than single-use products. Both the Rosidal soft padding and Rosidal K short stretch bandage can be washed up to 50 times. Using a system saves time and also means greater treatment safety. Furthermore, there is no time-consuming management of individual products.

Product composition

The Rosidal sys Set has the following components:

Ordering information

Rosidal® sys

REFShipping Units (pcs.)Weight in kg (SC/TC)

Rosidal® sys components

All components may be ordered individually (except those marked with*).
tg® Tubular Bandage
for skin protection under decongesting
compression bandages
Rosidal® soft Bandage
padding underneath compression
bandages for the even distribution of
pressure, prevents constrictious, pressure marks, slipping of the compression bandage
10 cm x 2 m x 0,2 cm13016
Rosidal® K Bandage
short stretch bandage made from 100% cotton; washable up to 95 °C
8 cm x 5 m222012x
10 cm x 5 m222022x
skin coloured adhesive tape off the roll; coated with synthetic rubber adhesive
2,5 cm x 5 m343111x
Mollelast® haft Bandage
soft cohesive conforming bandage, length-wise and widthwise elastic
8 cm x 20 m300701x
Patient information*1x

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