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Perfekta® Cohesive

Cohesive long stretch bandage

Fields of application

  • for compression bandages in chronic venous insufficiency
  • for follow-up treatment after sclerotherapy or surgery for varicose veins
  • for bandaging the thigh in thrombosis prophylaxis
  • for support or immobilization in sports injuries
  • for sprains, contusions and dislocations


  • lengthwise stretch (approx. 140%)
  • cohesive on both sides because of the coating of microfine latex dots
  • particularly well suited for tapered limbs or parts of the body that are frequently in motion
  • has selvedges
  • flesh-coloured

To note

  • cannot be washed more than once or twice (40°C) without losing its compressive and cohesive properties

Perfekt(a) moves

Tapering parts of the body that are frequently in motion require special cohesive long-stretch bandages. Perfekta cohesive is a permanent elastic long-stretch bandage with a textured surface on both sides for a good grip. It is used as a supportive and pressure-relieving bandage for prophylactic pressure relief of the ligament capsule system, as well as for the prevention of haematomas and for contusions, sprains, dislocations and tendon tears. This product can also be used as a compression bandage.

Product composition

96% cotton, 4% elastane; coated with natural rubber adhesive (latex).

Ordering information

Perfekta® Cohesive

5 m (stretched length), individually packed in a cardboard box
Width (cm)REFShipping Units (pcs.)Weight in kg (SC/TC)

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