Compression therapy solutions | L&R treatment pathway

    For venous leg ulcers

    Combined with professional wound care, compression therapy is key to the successful healing of ulcers, as it promotes venous return. As a specialist in compression therapy, L&R has a wide range of compression therapy products and supports the treatment of venous disease in all three phases: acute phase, conditioning phase and maintenance phase.

    In the presence of oedema, bandages are indicated to reduce swelling in acute therapy. Bandaging has to be applied by skilled practitioners.

    After oedema reduction & a decrease in exudate, bandaging can be replaced by wraps or by a 2-layer hosiery kit. Both help to empower patient engagement and enable self-care. Patiens can don and doff by themselves, helping them to maintain their independence and personal hygiene.

    After ulcer healing, continued compression reduces the risk of recurrence & occurence. Round knit compression stockings make compression therapy even better compliant, combining medical efficacy with high comfort and a pleasant look. If the patient is not able to put on compression stockings, wraps could be the alternative.

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