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Sentina® Protective Sheets and Stretcher Sheets

Durable, hygienic and cost effective

Fields of application

  • designed for use as bottom layers on tables and stretchers in outpatient settings and in the OR


  • absorbent cellulose layers
  • fluid-impermeable PE film
  • anti-static
  • high tear resistance
  • also available with fibre reinforcement
  • high absorbency
  • fluid barriers on the edges
  • protects against soiling and microbial contamination

Sentina stretcher sheets and Sentina protective sheets provide the greatest level of reliability in all areas of nursing and medical care. The wide range of products covers every need, which in turn ensures cost-effective use.

Cost-effective sizes and qualities

Sentina protective sheets and stretcher sheets are available in various sizes and needs-based qualities. The 1- or 2-layered cellulose layers quickly absorb liquids. Even greater tear resistance and stability can be achieved with the optional additional fibre reinforcement. A fluid-impermeable bottom film protects against penetration of fluid and forms a reliable barrier against microbes. Sentina protective sheets and stretcher sheets are still soft and easy to handle though. The products also contain an integrated fluid barrier along the long edges. These barriers prevent any fluid from leaking from the sides. Whether tables, stretchers or cots – all surfaces are protected from soiling and microbial contamination thanks to Sentina products which substantially reduce the risk of contamination.

Product composition

The product is made of a combination of cellulose layers and a PE film lining. The fibre-reinforced protective sheets and stretcher sheets also have nylon threads running lengthways that give the sheets greater tear resistance.

Ordering information

Sentina® Protective Sheets

Size (cm)REFShipping Units (pcs.)Weight in kg (TC)
1 tissue layer, 1 PE film layer
40 x 40118955004.10
75 x 90119012507.45
75 x 140118972009.10
reinforced with threads
75 x 1751189820011.45
75 x 2101190020013.40
2 tissue layers, 1 PE film layer, with lateral fluid barrier
85 x 140119021008.67
85 x 1751190410010.66
85 x 2101192010010.07

Sentina® Stretcher Sheet

reinforced with threads, with lateral fluid barriers, 2 absorbent cellulose layers, 1 PE film layer
Size (cm)REFShipping Units (pcs.)Weight in kg (TC)
78 x 140319141006.95
78 x 175319171008.60
78 x 2103192010010.25

Sentina® Stretcher Sheet „Basic“

reinforced with threads, with lateral fluid barriers, 1 absorbent cellulose layer, 1 PE film layer
Size (cm)REFShipping Units (pcs.)Weight in kg (TC)
78 x 140319151008.12
78 x 1753191810010.10
78 x 2103192110011.35

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