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The concept

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The hospital market is in flux. Increasing pressure to cut costs and falling reimbursement rates present huge challenges to hospitals today. The hospitals which adapt to the changed circumstances and see them as an opportunity will be ahead of the game. We at L&R can help you do this — with our successful L&R OPTILINE concept.

Big-picture approach

How your hospital performs depends on the level of professional expertise and your patients’ and employees’ satisfaction. Economic considerations also play a key role in determining a hospital’s success and viability. For a company to be successful over the long term, the available material, staffing and financial resources need to be used as efficiently as possible in every functional area. Where can processes be optimized, where can resources be used better and savings achieved? To solve these complex problems efficiently experienced partners are needed who not only can provide consulting services backed by extensive expertise, but can also respond to the individual needs of the hospital and help with implementation.

Using resources better and preventing friction losses -- to achieve this a comprehensive approach is required which not only considers material costs, but also analyzes all relevant influences. L&R OPTILINE takes into account the hospital system as a whole with all its functional areas, from patient care to logistics. The objective is to discover relevant connections, to unlock potential and to generate synergy across departments.

The modular concept

L&R OPTILINE is based on a modular concept. This enables you to consider the inpatient/outpatient and OR departments separately and to define the extent of the analysis and optimization. The concept really shines, however, when all hospital procedures are reviewed.
L&R starts off at the product level by reducing material costs and then is in a position to develop recommendations for increasing efficiency and its associated procedures across the board. So you not only achieve a short-term reduction in costs you also obtain long-term benefit from optimizing quality and profitability.

Achieving goals one step at a time

The first step is to review the products you have been using to date with regard to efficiency and product variety. In our experience, during this project phase there are initial cost-cutting opportunities that arise simply from streamlining the range of products used. However, L&R OPTILINE’s particular strengths are its proven big-picture approach and structured procedures. In the next step, an analysis (including standardization, optimization of procedures and implementation) provides information about potentials for long-term efficient patient care and quality assurance on all wards and in the OR. The specific indication or case in question always remains the focus during this process. Your individuality will not be restricted in any way: L&R OPTILINE offers customized solutions.

The advantages for you

  • clear increase in efficiency
  • reduced process costs
  • optimized patient care
  • freed-up time resources
  • long-term competitiveness

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