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Successful management of product assortment

When purchasing, very diverse needs are considered, which are reflected in the orders. You are caught between meeting the needs of the wards and maintaining an overview of the different products. This is where L&R OPTILINE comes in to analyze the structure and benefits of the products ordered in the past. This provides a clearer perspective and potential savings as well as creating a ripple effect in many areas.

Clarity at a glance

After an initial analysis of the numbers alone, superfluous, duplicate and similar products are deleted. Because with L&R OPTILINE the economical use of the products is also considered, your hospital’s logistics also benefit from this overview because less storage space is needed. Ultimately, fewer products and suppliers mean less effort for you in managing reusable data on orders, packing slips and invoicing. In addition to the cost savings you free up time resources for other strategic tasks.

Purchasing with success in mind

Be a successful strategist! Process optimization and standardization begin with purchasing. And they continue on the wards and in the OR. With L&R OPTILINE you can choose to have our range of products delivered to your loading dock or we can deliver to the individual wards or the OR with simultaneous inventory control. We are sure we can find an optimal solution for your situation as well.


Having a continuous electronic flow of information is another milestone on the way to effective process cost structuring. A set ordering and delivery schedule frees up time, ties up fewer employees in many areas and means that important procedures are automated. In one step we succeed in streamlining the processes. You have the benefit of electronic distribution of catalogues, electronic ordering and electronic packing slips and invoices, for example.

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