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Your entire hospital will benefit from a partnership with L&R. After all, your success is measured by your patients’ and employees’ satisfaction, as well as by your operating efficiency. We can help you to achieve this to the degree that you want and need our support. In partnership with clients, L&R is number one — our expertise will pay off for you as well.

Transition made easy

L&R OPTILINE ensures that all of our products are used correctly. The treatment standards make it possible to treat patients in an efficient and economically advantageous way, using evidence-based medicine. These kinds of changes require sensitivity and openness. You will find that L&R is an experienced partner in these areas, too. We introduce all users to the replacement product at an in-house trade fair, which makes the transition from old to new noticeably easier.

Motivated staff as the key to success

As a supplier of a comprehensive range of products we have specialists in all technical areas. Moist wound management, localized negative pressure therapy or OR components — we match you up with expert representatives in the right field. Exclusive training concepts for your employees create a situation where Best Practices in the routine treatment of patients can actually be achieved. This motivates your employees and makes you an attractive employer.

Expert customer service at all times

L&R can provide you with end-to-end service after L&R OPTILINE has been set up, as well. If desired, our qualified expert customer service and sales teams will meet with you to review the implementation process at regular intervals and help you with everything including efficiency controls. We don’t consider ourselves successful unless you are successful.

Ordering information

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