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Suprasorb® CNP
A therapy system that sets new standards

Negative pressure therapy is one of the most innovative approaches to wound management in use today. Over the last few decades this treatment approach has become routine in hospitals. It is now even used routinely in outpatient settings, as it is highly compatible with the wound treatment methods already being used for modern wound management.

Suprasorb® CNP
P1 and P2

The solid foundations of the therapy

Reflecting the wide range of challenges that a wound can present, the P1 and P2 therapy units have the entire negative pressure therapy indication spectrum covered.

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Suprasorb® CNP Drainage Film

High-tech solution for the open abdomen.

With Suprasorb CNP Drainage Film, L&R provides a high-tech solution that was specially developed for use on open abdomens. It can be easily shaped, is particularly well tolerated and can be used directly on organs and delicate structures.

The structure of the drainage film prevents the layers from collapsing into the empty drainage space between them. This is supported by the capillary effect of the numerous pores, ensuring distribution of the suction across the entire surface right up to the wound edges and effectively transporting the exudate from the deep regions of the abdominal cavity too.

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Wound filler

You decide what’s best for your patients.

Antimicrobial absorbent cotton gauze

  • easy to shape
  • antimicrobial action
  • allows exudate to be assessed through the wound dressing

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Wound foam

  • allows treatment of large wound volumes in a short period of time
  • the different shapes and sizes make for easier handling
  • can be cut to size simply

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Suprasorb® CNP EasyDress

3D innovation for negative pressure therapy on extremities.

Pull over – secure in place – start therapy. EasyDress couldn’t be any easier to use. Thanks to the 3D design and flexible special material, the negative pressure dressing becomes airtight considerably more quickly than other conventional adhesive methods. This translates to time savings of up to 90%.

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