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Complementary products

for Suprasorb® CNP therapy.

Suprasorb CNP Gel Stripes


  • for supportive sealing of existing dressings
  • for retention of tubes/hoses


Suprasorb CNP Drainage Pad

  • effective removal of exudate
  • easy to apply thanks to large adhesive area
  • flexible silicone body for ideal adaptation to all wound locations


Suprasorb F


  • allows secure sealing off of the wound
  • protects the wound against microbes from the outside
  • flexible and permeable to water vapour
  • available in different sizes


Ordering information

Suprasorb® CNP Gel stripe

sterile packed individually
Size (cm)REFSC/TC
To secure hoses and act as a reinforcing bandage over existing wound dressings10 x 73939410/100

Suprasorb® F, sterile

Film wound dressing, sterile, individually sealed
Size (cm)REFPharmacy central numberShipping unit (pcs.)
5 x 7204600043299810/380
5 x 72046100433006100/1000
10 x 12204620043301210/100
10 x 12204630043302950/200
10 x 25204640043303510/140
15 x 20204650043304110/400
20 x 30204660043305810/180

Suprasorb® F, non-sterile

Film wound dressing, off the roll, non-sterile
Size (cm x m)REFPharmacy central numberShipping unit (pcs.)
10 x 120467018062481/16
10 x 1020468026501851/16
15 x 1020469026501911/10

Suprasorb® CNP P1 + P2 accessories

Size/RangeREFShipping unit (pcs.)
Absorbent cotton gauze, antimicrobial, off the roll, 11.4 cm x 3.7 m, sterile252835/40
Silicone wound drain, flat, 0.4 x 1 x 80 cm, perforated, 20 cm, sterile2528410/280
Y-connector with 10 cm tubing attachment, sterile2595310/80
Suprasorb CNP Drainage pad, sterile packed individually317405/40

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