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Suprasorb® CNP Drainage film

Exudate transport with capillary action

Fields of application

  • specifically designed for use on open abdomens
  • can be used for sensitive tissue and on the extremities

High-tech solution for the open abdomen

Management of open abdomens imposes particular requirements on clinical practice. With Suprasorb CNP Drainage Film, L&R provides a high-tech solution that was specially developed for use on open abdomens. It can be easily shaped, is particularly well tolerated and can be used directly on organs and delicate structures.

The advantages for you at a glance:

  • protects organs and sensitive structures reliably
  • effective distribution of suction across the entire surface of the film
  • can be cut to size

The structure of the drainage film prevents the collapse of the drainage cavity between the two layers and supports the capillary effect of the numerous pores, ensuring distribution of the suction across the entire surface right up to the wound edges and effectively transporting the exudate from the deep regions of the abdominal cavity too.

Ordering information

Suprasorb® CNP Drainage film with PDC technology

sterile packed individually
Sizes/RangeMeasurements (cm)REFSC/TC
Double-layered drainage film with capillary effect for excellent exudate transport in open abdomen and thoraxAbdominal, approx. 77 x 60394005/40
20 x 253939512/144

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