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Pro-ophta® Protective Eye Padding Ring

Eye dressing pad to pad perforated eye shields

Fields of application

  • protection of the eye against mechanical harm after intraocular surgery, while maintaining the natural functionality of the eyelid
  • padding underneath perforated eye shields
  • particularly useful after keratoplasty, cataract, or eyelid surgery


  • good padding for perforated eye shields
  • padding ring is low-linting
  • allows plenty of air to get through to the eye
  • high absorbency

To note

  • The perforated plastic shield is not included with this product.

After intraocular surgery the eye needs to be protected from mechanical irritations. The Pro-ophta Protective Eye Padding Ring is designed to be used underneath perforated eye shields. The advantages: Natural eyelid function is maintained and air can easily circulate around the eye. The protective eye padding ring is especially well suited for postoperative care of cataract or eyelid surgery
or for injuries to the external eye. The soft, smooth, low-linting padding ring absorbs fluids and cushions the area around the eye effectively. By using the padding ring together with a transparent disk patients can make initial attempts to see at an early stage
which helps with therapy acceptance.

Note: The perforated plastic shield is not included with this product.

Product composition

Soft nonwoven fabric, 67% viscose, 33% polyester, consisting of 16 layers quilted together and punched into a ring shape, with a centre opening

Ordering information

Pro-ophta® Protective Eye Padding Ring

Size (cm)REFShipping Units (pcs.)Weight in kg (SC/TC)
sterile, individually sealed
7 x 8.51301450/5000.31/3.20
non-sterile, in a cardboard box
7 x 8.51301550/3000.18/1.10

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