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Kitpack® OR Custom Procedure Tray

Competence and experience for 30 years.

Developed in Germany – individually packed in Europe.

As a company in the healthcare sector, the quality of our products and solutions is the basis for the safety of the users and patients. We act on the basis of the internationally recognised and certified quality management system ISO 9001. We work according to defined standards with tested raw materials, purchased parts, components and services.

At the Czech production site in Slavkov, L&R puts together in clean-room conditions the Kitpack surgical custom procedure trays that were developed in Germany. Due to the individuality of the surgical sets, the production process is complex and requires special packaging procedures. More than 350 highly qualified employees are responsible for putting together the individual sets on a daily basis. Up to 150 Kitpack orders enter L&R’s order system every day and are assigned to production teams. We supply more than 5 million Kitpacks per year to our customers worldwide.

Before the desired set goes into production, a non-sterile sample Kitpack is packaged and all individual components and corresponding documents are checked. If everything is correct, the set is approved and production begins. A complex quality management system accompanies production – inspections during and at the end of each production step serve the purpose of quality assurance before the sets are transferred to L&R’s own ethylene oxide sterilisation facility.

„The very latest in production conditions and packaging by our highly qualified employees in our factory in Slavkov ensure reliable quality under controlled and sterile conditions.“

Philipp Teubl
Division Manager
Production Surgery
Kitpack factory, Slavkov

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