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Kitpack® OR Custom Procedure Tray

Cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

This is how cost-effective individual surgical preparation can be.

Kitpack reduces surgery preparation time enormously. Everything is completely ready and sterile in seconds – for a whole team and for every specific operation. With Kitpack you are closer to your patients. Precisely in those phases when every second counts, valuable time is won that may be important for survival.

The Kitpack is also always a good choice from a cost-effectiveness point of view.

  • The Kitpack is as standardised as possible and as individual as required. We can advise you in your decision.
  • The Kitpack eases the burden of procurement and logistics, as fewer individual components have to be ordered.
  • You will find all the required components in one set. That saves time and increases safety.
  • The packaging and exact packing sequence correspond exactly to your specifications. These standards will increase the efficiency of your surgical team and decrease the level of environmental damage.
  • The colour markings that are commonly used in your facility will also be represented on the Kitpack, thus simplifying the handling of surgical preparation.

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