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Kitpack® OR Custom Procedure Tray

Quality and safety.

As standardised as possible, as individual as required.

Every single filling part undergoes numerous checks during the production process. L&R guarantees the high quality of its Kitpacks thanks to a complete inspection system and modern production facilities. We guarantee this both for the standard sets as well as for your individual solutions.

Furthermore, in the surgical procedure itself, safety is improved by using the Kitpack. On the one hand, errors in the pre-operative compilation of materials are minimised and, on the other hand, the risk of contamination from opening and from handing over components is lowered. Documentation of the materials used durinvg the surgery is also simplified, as all relevant information is contained on just one label.


The standardised solution

  • 5 standard products with clearly defined contents on the basis of the minimum requirements for each discipline are available for selection
  • General surgery set, Arthroscopy set, C-section set, Total hip arthroplasty set, Vascular split drape set

Your benefits:

  • Sterile and ready-to-use immediately
  • Compact and indicationappropriate
  • Immediate delivery is possible
  • No contractual obligations


The combined solution

  • Components catalogue with approx. 700 of the most needed single-use surgical components
  • The components catalogue is country-specific

Your benefits:

  • Catalogue-supported, individual set composition
  • Expert advice on components
  • Short-term calculation
  • Shorter delivery times
  • Process optimisation


The tailor-made solution

  • Customised compilation of more than just the components catalogue
  • The use of special components as a result of internal processes

Your benefits:

  • Optimum customised composition
  • Process optimisation thanks to consideration of internal requirements

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