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Sentinex® SMART Surgical Gowns

Functional design with no compromises.

Fields of application

  • disposable surgical gowns to wear during surgical procedures
  • minimise transfer of infectious material during direct contact between surgical team and surgical wound


  • functional design
  • low-lint material
  • free of raw materials containing natural rubber latex
  • lightweight and air-permeable
  • safety profile meets the requirements of DIN EN 13795 and the AAMI standard

Economical, single-use wraparound surgical gown range featuring a functional design and made from SMMS material with high wearing comfort for users and patients in accordance with DIN EN 13795 and the AAMI standard.

SMMS: The material for safety and a comfortable microclimate

(1) Fluid, pathogens
(2) Spunbond (1 layer)
(3) Meltblown (2 layers)
(4) Spunbond (1 layer)
(5) Air


Advantages of the material

  • Protection against bacteria and fluids in accordance with DIN EN 13795 and the AAMI standard
  • Air-permeable

Product composition

Polypropylene (SMMS), breathable PE film

Product versions

Choose the Standard or Special version depending on the length of the procedure and/or the amount of fluid.

Sentinex® SMART Surgical Gown Standard

  • Wraparound surgical gown with sterile back section thanks to very generous overlap.  
  • Optimally suited for procedures with low amounts of fluid.

Sentinex SMART Surgical Gown Special

  • Wraparound surgical gown based on the standard version with  additional fluid-impermeable reinforcements on the front and sleeve area.
  • The reinforced area provides a high level of resistance to soaking and bacterial penetration.
  • Very well suited for surgery with moderate to large amounts of fluid.

Packaging options

Sentinex SMART surgical gowns are sold exclusively with sterile wrapping – for sterile handovers and additional protection against contamination.

(A) Sentinex SMART Surgical Gown
(B) Towels
(C) Sterile wrapping
(D) Sterile packaging


Sentinex SMART Surgical gowns with sterile wrapping

  • Very well suited for sterile preparation
  • With sterile wrapping
  • 2 towels

Ordering information

Sentinex® SMART Surgical Gowns Standard

sterile, with sterile wrapping, 2 towels
SizeREFShipping units (pcs.)

Sentinex® SMART Surgical Gowns Special

sterile, with sterile wrapping, 2 towels
SizeREFShipping units (pcs.)

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