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Raucodrape® SMART OR Drape Systems

Raucodrape SMART OR drapes feature innovative materials intelligently combined. The professional knowledge incorporated into Raucodrape SMART creates greater security for the OR team and for patients.

L&R systematically organizes its range of OR drapes by using the following descriptions:

  • Raucodrape SMART 2-layered

    • 2-layered material for procedures with small amounts of fluid

  • Raucodrape SMART 2-layered Plus

    • 2-layered material with reinforcement for procedures with moderate to high amounts of fluid

Surgery-specific Raucodrape SMART standard surgery sets

Simplified stock-keeping and time savings during OR preparation are an argument for surgery-specific sets. The Raucodrape SMART range includes a large number of standard surgery sets based on indication.

Product testing

Product testing is a good basis for making decisions. L&R offers its customers the opportunity to test Raucodrape SMART OR drapes in a test run under everyday conditions. As the user, you can discuss details and specific requests with L&R’s medical devices consultants.


Practical product training is the starting point for process-optimized implementation of Raucodrape SMART OR drape systems in everyday surgical practice. L&R places great importance on careful training of the surgical team. Please use our training offers to familiarize yourself, the user, with all the advantages of the Raucodrape SMART OR drape system.

Material presentation

For procedures with small amounts of fluid

  • fully absorbent and impermeable to fluids
  • safe barrier effect against penetration by fluids and pathogens
  • high tensile strength
  • very low linting
  • use of raw materials free of natural rubber latex

A plus for procedures with moderate to high amounts of fluid

  • reinforced OR field with an additional nonwoven layer
  • very good absorbency and rate of absorption
  • very high tensile strength
  • very low linting
  • use of raw materials free of natural rubber latex

Packaging concept

Solid protection and reliable handling

A sophisticated modular packaging system ensures the requisite safety – during transport and storage and right up to use in the OR.

The functional packaging with universally uniform and clear labelling of contents and EAN code 128 for all packaging steps simplifies logistics control and safe handling of the products.

Robust transport and storage cartons

The transport and storage cartons made from recyclable materials reliably protect against any damage.

Practical dispenser packaging

All individual products are packaged in a resealable folding box with a dispenser opening. The opening results in efficient stock-keeping and fast access to the sterile individually packed products. Raucodrape SMART sets are packaged in PE bags.

Peel-open packaging in all sizes

Raucodrape SMART OR drapes are packaged in user-friendly peel-open packages. They are easy to open with a single action and simplify the fast and safe removal of sterile products.

All the important information at a single glance

Labelling of all products is convincingly clear and unambiguous. From the visual and textual description of the contents to the provision of all other required information, the same is always true: all information is legible and easy to understand.

Duplicate documentation labels

Each peel-open package is provided with duplicate self-adhesive documentation labels for fast and reliable documentation in the OR report.

Fields of application

  • patient and equipment draping for surgical procedures


  • fully absorbent and impermeable to fluids
  • meet and often exceed the requirements of DIN EN 13795
  • increase user comfort
  • enable effective infection prophylaxis in the OR
  • have good drapability
  • are folded in a user-friendly manner
  • clear pictograms
  • all products have duplicate documentation labelling
  • no natural rubber latex is used as a raw material in the manufacture of Raucodrape products

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