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Setpack® Toptex® lite Laparotomy Swabs RX

Economic | safe | flexible | ready-for-use

Fields of application

  • designed for immediate use in the OR
  • for grasping and retaining organs and bodily tissues
  • for haemostasis and for absorbing body fluids during surgical procedures


  • made from absorbent cotton gauze in accordance with DIN EN 14079
  • prewashed
  • soft and absorbent
  • 20-thread count
  • packaged in patented inner wrapping for sterilized materials for fast and safe removal of product and swab count
  • separately attached, duplicate, self-adhesive counting cards

The ready-for-use Setpack Toptex lite Laparotomy Swabs RK made from absorbent cotton gauze
(DIN EN 14079) are prewashed and are suitable for use in the OR. The laparotomy swabs contain an X-ray detectable chip. Each set is equipped with a duplicate, separate, self-adhesive counting card.

Product composition

100% cotton; X-ray detectable chip (polyvinyl chloride and barium sulphate)


  • white, blue 1) and green 1)
  • 4-layered and 6-layered

Ordering information

Setpack® Toptex® lite Laparotomy Swabs RK

ContentsSize (cm)REFPIPShipping unit (pack)
2 pcs., 4-layered40 x 40150040921411614/42
5 pcs., 4-layered40 x 4015001092141226/18
2 pcs., 6-layered40 x 401501212/36
5 pcs., 6-layered40 x 4015003092140626/18
2 pcs., 4-layered20 x 30150110921414528/84
5 pcs., 4-layered20 x 301500714/42
2 pcs., 4-layered50 x 6015014092141688/24
2 pcs., 4-layered8 x 90150100921419726/78
2 pcs., 4-layered40 x 4015006 10921420514/42
5 pcs., 4-layered40 x 4015002 1092142866/18
2 pcs., 6-layered40 x 4015008 112/36
5 pcs., 6-layered40 x 4015000 1092140796/18
2 pcs., 4-layered20 x 3015017 10921426328/84
5 pcs., 4-layered20 x 3015005 114/42
2 pcs., 4-layered50 x 6015013 18/24
2 pcs., 6-layered50 x 6015018 16/18
2 pcs., 4-layered8 x 9015009 10921429226/78
2 pcs., 4-layered40 x 4015016 10921431714/42
5 pcs., 4-layered40 x 4015015 1092143466/18

Contraindication: This product should not be used in cardiothoracic surgery involving heart-lung machines.

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