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Cellacast® Active

Mobilising Casting Tape

Fields of application

  • for targeted immobilisation following fractures and surgery and the treatment of ligament injuries and overuse symptoms
  • immobilisation with controlled movement, promoting mobility
  • particularly suitable for moulding children’s casts


  • high flexibility and mobility
  • removable with cast scissors
  • fibreglass-free support
  • quick and easy to process
  • thin and lightweight polyester backing material conforms well to the body’s contours
  • 100% X-ray transparent allowing healing to be monitored more easily

To note

  • gloves are recommended when working with this product
  • removable with cast scissors
  • drying time: 4-5 min
  • entirely resilient after 20-30 min
  • recommended water temperature: 20 to 25°C


  • Cellacast® Hook-And-Loop Tapes are available for the retention of splints and braces for targeted immobilisation
  • Cellacast® Hook Tape: self-adhesive

Cellacast® Loop Tape: non-adhesive

both versions made from polyamide, dark blue, in a roll in a cardboard dispenser


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Mobility combined with stability

Cellacast® Active combines mobility and immobilisation in one casting tape. This allows both immobilisation and controlled movement.

The benefits of plaster and synthetic casts combined

Cellacast® Active is as easy to use as plaster, but as comfortable as a synthetic cast. The mobilising casting tape features a thin, fibreglass-free polyester backing material which conforms to all body contours.

Individually and flexibly adaptable

The cast’s stability can be adjusted by changing the number of wraps. Fewer layers offer greater flexibility, more layers provide greater stability and thus immobilisation.

Product composition

polyester backing material impregnated with polyurethane resin

Ordering information

Cellacast® Active

individually sealed
Dimensions (cm x m)REF
2.5 x 1.823034
5 x 3.623035
7.5 x 3.623036
10 x 3.623037
12.5 x 3.623038
5 x 3.623040
7.5 x 3.623041
10 x 3.623042
12.5 x 3.623043
5 x 3.623045
7.5 x 3.623046
10 x 3.623047
12.5 x 3.623048

Cellacast® Hook Tape

self-adhesive, dark blue
Dimensions (cm x m)REF
2.5 x 2518040

Cellacast® Loop Tape

non-adhesive, dark blue
Dimensions (cm x m)REF
2.5 x 2518041

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