Cellacast® Soft

    Semi-rigid casting tape

    (Im)mobile in motion

    Immobilisation can cause muscle atrophy and stiff joints. In cases of injury, a semi-rigid casting tape is especially recommended whenever functional immobilisation is possible. Cellacast® Soft preserves the functionality of muscles and tendons, thereby aiding the healing process and subsequent rehabilitation.

    Comfort for patients and users

    Because it uses fewer layers, Cellacast® Soft can be used to apply semi-rigid casts which are comfortable to wear. In just a few steps the function-preserving casting tape can be applied directly over the tg® soft tubular padding bandage and moulded to the contours of the patient’s body. The hardened casting tape can be cut open with scissors and

    trimmed to fit as required.

    Stable positioning with splints

    The stability of Cellacast® Soft can be increased in specific areas

    with the practical, rigid Cellacast® Xtra Splint. The splint immobilises any area where movement must be prevented, while the semi-rigid area allows controlled movement.

    Product composition

    fibreglass mesh impregnated with polyurethane resin

    Ordering information

    Cellacast® Soft

    individually sealed.
    Dimensions (cm x m)REFSC/TC
    2.5 x 1.813968010/40
    5 x 3.613968110/40
    7.5 x 3.613968210/40
    10 x 3.613968310/40
    12.5 x 3.613968410/40
    5 x 3.613968510/40
    7.5 x 3.613968610/40
    10 x 3.613968710/40
    12.5 x 3.613968810/40
    5 x 3.613968910/40
    7.5 x 3.613969010/40
    10 x 3.613986210/40
    5 x 3.613987010/40
    7.5 x 3.613987110/40
    10 x 3.613987210/40
    5 x 3.613987310/40
    7.5 x 3.613987410/40
    10 x 3.613987510/40

    Fields of application

    • for moulding semi-rigid casts following fractures, surgery and orthopaedic correction
    • for treating joint and bone disorders and ligament and tendon injuries


    • targeted immobilisation
    • can be cut before and after being dried out
    • adaptive to all body contours
    • flexible, also when applied in multiple layers
    • soft edges and soft cutting edges
    • break-proof
    • air-permeable
    • peremable to X-rays

    To note

    • can be applied with standard examination gloves
    • recommended dip water temperature: 20 - 24°C
    • setting time 2.5 - 5 min after activation with water
    • can withstand weight-bearing after 30 min
    • can be removed with cast scissors


    • combined use with Cellacast® Xtra Splint increases stability in specific areas


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