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Cellacast® Xtra

Stabilising Casting Tape

Fields of application

  • immobilisation following fractures, surgery or orthopaedic corrections; treatment of joint and bone conditions
  • to apply splints and reinforce circular casts


  • rigid fibreglass fabric
  • also available as a splint
  • very lightweight yet very stable
  • air-permeable
  • X-ray transparent
  • waterproof when fully set
  • stretches lengthwise and widthwise

To note

  • all conventional plaster casting techniques, such as splitting, windowing and combining with Cellona® Shoecast, are also possible with Cellacast® Xtra
  • gloves are recommended when working with this product
  • drying time approx. 4 min
  • entirely resilient after 20-30 min
  • recommended water temperature: 20 to 25°C


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The right type of support for every need

Thin, lightweight and stable — with Cellacast® Xtra this is no contradiction but a fact. As a modern synthetic casting tape, it provides secure stabilisation.

Flexibility and comfort

The Ready-for-use Padded Splint meets users’ individual requirements and is comfortable against patients’ skin. Different widths, available as pre-cuts or by the meter in practical cardboard dispensers, make for economic use of the materials. A resealable, airtight foil pouch prevents drying out. The splint is secured with a conforming bandage such as Mollelast® haft and can be removed easily, if necessary (e.g. to inspect the wound). The fibreglass core, which is composed of seven layers, provides the required stability.

Stability - light and easy

A high degree of stability is required of casts, especially when treating fractures and after surgery. Lightweight casts are more comfortable and restrict patients the least. Cellacast® Xtra is a lightweight casting tape which provides the desired level of stability in only a few wraps. This makes it both sturdy and lightweight enough to be worn comfortably.

Mouldable to any body contour

The casting tape can be moulded to any body contour — even difficult-to-wrap areas around joints — and is easy and quick to apply. In addition, this material has excellent lamination properties, making it attractive in terms of cost savings as well.

For reinforcement: Cellacast® Xtra Splint

Cellacast® Xtra is also available as a splint. This product can be used not just to apply splints but also to reinforce individual synthetic casts.

Product composition

fibreglass mesh impregnated with polyurethane resin

Ordering information

Cellacast® Xtra

individually sealed
Dimensions (cm x m)REF
2.5 x 1.825205
5 x 3.625201
7.5 x 3.625202
10 x 3.625203
12.5 x 3.625204
5 x 3.625211
7.5 x 3.625212
10 x 3.625213
12.5 x 3.625214
5 x 3.625235
7.5 x 3.625236
10 x 3.625237
12.5 x 3.625238
5 x 3.625239
7.5 x 3.625240
10 x 3.625241
12.5 x 3.625242
5 x 3.625221
7.5 x 3.625222
10 x 3.625223
12.5 x 3.625224

Cellacast® Xtra Splint

cream, individually sealed
Dimensions (cm)REF
5 x 2025660
7.5 x 3825261
10 x 3825262
10 x 9625263
12.5 x 7625264

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