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Cellacare® Materna

Maternity Back Support

Fields of application

  • for treatment of back pain during and after pregnancy


  • a wide, elastic back strap and thin stabilizing stays give support to the lumbar spine region
  • individual adjustment of width by means of flexible, adjustable straps
  • breathable materials provide high wearing comfort
  • pressure relief for the back reduces pain
  • reminding function in cases of poor posture
  • convenient support without any adverse effects on the abdomen or the baby
  • colour: white

To note

  • machine wash at 30°C, do not iron, do not tumble dry, do not bleach, do not dry clean
  • close hook-and-loop fasteners before washing

Support in pregnancy

Relieving stress on the back and pelvic floor while also supporting the abdomen can reduce pain in pregnancy.
Cellacare Materna is a stabilizing back support with stabilizing stays in the back and lateral straps which provides support for the abdomen, pelvis and back of pregnant women. It also promotes circulation and activates the muscles.

Pressure relief up to the birth

The wide elastic back strap stabilizes the lumbar spine. Because the flexible straps are adjustable, the width can be changed as the size of the belly changes during pregnancy. The straps come together under the pregnant belly, holding it securely.

Relieves pressure on the back and pelvic floor and relieves pain. As weight increases, the pelvis shifts forward. More and more pressure is put on the spine, causing pain.

The Cellacare Materna Maternity Support corrects pelvic tilt and stabilizes the spine.

  1. Sturdy and easy-to-handle hook-and-loop fasteners are used to secure and adjust the width of the support.
  2. The wide elastic back band supports the lumbar spine without causing pressure points.
  3. The width can be controlled individually using the flexible adjustable straps to adjust the pelvis and spine position.
  4. The anatomically shaped side straps are connected under the abdomen and provide very good stability.

Measure hip circumference.

Product composition

Polyester, polyamide, cotton, polyurethane, steel wire (stabilizing stays with nickel-plated brass ends).

Ordering information

Cellacare® Materna

individually packed in a folding box
SizeHip Circumference (cm)REFShipping Units (pcs.)Weight in kg (SC/TC)
< 91170081/20
91 - 102 17009
3102 - 117170101/200.29/6.44
4> 117170111/200.32/6.94

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