Suprasorb® CNP Wound Dressings

    Ordering information

    Suprasorb CNP Absorbent Cotton Gauze

    antimicrobial, rolled, sterile
    Dimensions (cm x m)REF
    11.4 x 3.725283

    Suprasorb CNP Gel Stripes

    individually packed and sterile
    Dimensions (cm)REF
    To secure tubing and to create a reinforcing seal over existing wound dressings
    10 x 739394

    Suprasorb F

    sterile, individually sealed
    7 x 5 cm20460
    7 x 5 cm20461
    12 x 10 cm20462
    12 x 10 cm20463
    25 x 10 cm20464
    20 x 15 cm20465
    30 x 20 cm20466
    rolled, sterile packed, in kit supplied with ruler and skin marker
    15 cm x 2 m132669

    Raucodrape Surgical Incise Drape

    sterile, individually sealed
    Dimensions (cm)REF
    17 x 1225440
    20 x 1525441
    20 x 3025442
    20 x 4525443
    35 x 4025444
    50 x 4525445
    65 x 4525446
    80 x 5525447
    88 x 7225448


    • easy to shape
    • antimicrobial coating
    • longer dressing change interval
    • treats even complex wound structures rapidly
    • allows exudate to be assessed through the wound dressing


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