Our handy single-use system for negative pressure therapy.

    VivereX is a reliable, easy to use and cost-efficient system for single-patient use.

    The VivereX therapy kit is designed for a treatment period of 10 days. Its ready-to-use wound dressings come in 8 sizes and can be easily applied and connected to the small, canister-free VivereX pump. The device itself runs on two batteries and operates with a continuous negative pressure of –120 mmHg.

    It is recommended for use with lightly to moderately exuding wounds, and for treating incisions and skin grafts. In addition, VivereX has demonstrated high levels of safety, efficacy and cost-effectiveness in the prevention of postoperative wound complications.

    Your advantages at a glance:

    • Choose from 8 therapy kits for a 10-day treatment with ready-for-use wound dressings in different sizes.
    • The VivereX System’s ease of use and reliable indicator lights help make it possible for patients to be discharged home from the hospital sooner.
    • Even outpatient treatment is incredibly easy – thanks to VivereX’s small size and ready-for-use dressings. The treatment system can be worn inconspicuously under clothing and is easy to incorporate into a patient’s daily routine, helping with mobilisation.


    Please order the VivereX system as a therapy kit. Each kit consists of a single use device which provides therapy for up to 10 days. 2 AA lithium batteries, 6 fixation strips and 2 ready-to-use wound dressings each in 8 sizes to choose from.

    Ordering information


    ContentsSize (cm)Wound pad (cm)REF
    VivereX Therapy Kits
    VivereX Therapy Kit10 x 205 x 15143020
    VivereX Therapy Kit10 x 305 x 25143021
    VivereX Therapy Kit10 x 405 x 35143022
    VivereX Therapy Kit16 x 1610 x 10143023
    VivereX Therapy Kit16 x 2110 x 15143024
    VivereX Therapy Kit16 x 3110 x 25143025
    VivereX Therapy Kit21 x 2115 x 15143026
    VivereX Therapy Kit26 x 2620 x 20143027

    Fields of application

    It is recommended for the prevention of postoperative wound complications and also for:

    • acute wounds
    • wounds with low to moderate levels of exudate
    • skin graft donor sites
    • pressure ulcers
    • diabetic ulcers
    • venous leg ulcer
    • surgical clean closed incision
    • subacute dehisced wounds
    • traumatic wounds
    • 1st and 2nd degree burns



    The ready-for-use wound dressing provides exudate management and helps to prevent bacteria from entering the wound. The device’s indicators show you whether the therapy is working as required.


    Apply the dressing. Press the button. Start the therapy. And let VivereX do it’s job. It’s as easy as that.


    Because it is so easy to use, patients can be discharged from the hospital sooner or be treated on an outpatient basis. The ready-for-use wound dressing changes enable long dressing change intervals and quicker dressing changes.

    To note

    • Content: One device, two dressings for 10 days of therapy.


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