Gazin® Dissecting Swabs, X-ray detectable

    The non-sterile Gazin® Dissecting Swabs, X-ray detectable (DIN EN 14079) are designed for use in the OR. The Dissecting Swabs contain an X-ray detectable thread. Sterile dissecting swabs with X-ray detectable thread are available under the brand name Setpack® Dissecting Swabs, X-ray detectable.

    Product composition

    100 % cotton, X-ray detectable thread (blue, polypropylene, polyester thread, barium sulphate)

    Ordering information

    Gazin® Dissecting Swabs, X-ray detectable

    non-sterile, with X-ray detectable thread, 24 thread count, can be sterilised with steam (134°C), in a foil pouch
    Dimensions (cm)SizeREFSC/TC
    6 x 6Size 2, small151553.000/45.000
    8 x 8Size 3, medium151562.000/30.000
    12 x 12Size 4, large151571.000/15.000

    Fields of application

    • following sterilisation specifically designed for use in the OR
    • for dissecting tissue layers and anatomical structures


    • non-sterile
    • made from absorbent cotton gauze in compliance with DIN EN 14079
    • 24 threads
    • firm and highly absorbent


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