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Suprasorb® G Amorphous Gel

Provides moisture and increases autolysis


  • removes necrotic tissue while preserving surrounding tissue
  • supplies moisture
  • convenient to use thanks to the application syringe

To note

  • if the wound is infected, use of the product is at the discretion of the treating doctor
  • do not use this product on patients with a known intolerance of or allergy to one or more of the ingredients
  • Suprasorb G Amorphous Gel is for single use only

Suprasorb G Amorphous Gel ensures gentle removal of slough and necrotic tissue in dry and lightly exuding wounds. Cell debris is absorbed in the hydrogel and removed from the wound when the dressing is changed. Suprasorb G Amorphous Gel also forms a moist wound environment, thus aiding wound healing. The application syringe makes the gel easy to apply and to insert into deep wounds.

Product composition

  • Suprasorb G Amorphous Gel is a transparent hydrogel made from CMC polymers, propylene glycol and water.

Dressing change interval

  • depending on wound condition, amount of exudate and secondary dressing, after 3 days at the latest

How to apply

  1. clean wound as normal
  2. open the blister packaging where indicated
  3. remove the sterile syringe and the protective cap from the syringe cone
  4. insert gel directly into the wound
  5. cover the Suprasorb G Amorphous Gel with an appropriate secondary dressing (depending on wound condition, e.g. Suprasorb H or Suprasorb F)

Ordering information

Suprasorb® G Amorphous Gel

in application syringe, sterile
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