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Suprasorb® P silicone

The wound dressing for the sensitive skin surrounding the wound


  • easy to apply and virtually painless to remove 1)
  • gentle on the wound bed and sensitive surrounding skin 1) 2)
  • manages exudate reliably and promotes a moist wound healing environment 1)

Fields of application

  • lightly to moderately exuding wounds
  • superficial to deep* wounds
  • in all phases of wound healing, e.g.:

    • ulcers of various origins
    • decubitus
    • diabetic ulcers
    • 1st and 2nd degree burns

  • to prevent damaged/cracked skin

* in deep wounds combine with a suitable wound filler

To note

  • Suprasorb P silicone can be used as a secondary dressing for wounds at risk of infection as part of regular antimicrobial therapy.
  • When dry, Suprasorb P silicone can easily be cut to the size of the individual wound. The dressing should extend past the wound edges by approx. 2 cm.

Suprasorb P silicone is a three-layered wound dressing made from a soft silicone wound-contact coating, a polyurethane foam layer and a polyurethane base layer.

Suprasorb P maintains a moist wound healing environment, promoting natural healing. The exudate and factors that impair wound healing, such as proteases, are rapidly and steadily absorbed in the dressing.1) 4) 13)

Suprasorb P silicone achieves good exudate management because of the open-pored foam structure and generously sized perforations in the silicone adhesive layer. The wound dressing is easy to apply and virtually painless to remove – Suprasorb P silicone is particularly gentle on the wound bed and sensitive surrounding skin.1)

Suprasorb P silicone adheres to parts of the body that are particularly difficult to dress.1)

The silicone foam dressing is available with and without an adhesive edge.

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Dressing change interval

Is determined by the treating physician based on the wound condition, amount of exudate and secondary dressing; after 7 days at the latest.


  • border (with adhesive edge)
  • non-border (no adhesive edge)

Ordering information

Suprasorb® P silicone

Silicone foam dressing, sterile, individually sealed
Size (cm)REFShipping Units (pcs.)
border (with adhesive edge)
7.5 x 7.53244510/100
10 x 103244610/100
15 x 15324475/50
15 x 20324485/50
non-border (no adhesive edge)
5 x 53244010/100
7.5 x 7.53244110/100
10 x 103244210/100
15 x 15324435/50
15 x 20324445/50
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