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Dressing Kits and Cloths

Fields of application

Metalline Dressing Kits

  • first aid and emergency treatment of large wounds

Metalline Cloth

  • underlay and dressing for large wounds (sterilize before use)

Metalline Bed Sheet

  • underlay for open treatment of large burns, chemical burns or abrasions

Metalline Dressing Cloth

  • to treat large injuries, burns, chemical burns and abrasions; in first aid and emergency situations


  • aluminized nonwoven
  • reduced risk of adhesion to wounds
  • less painful dressing changes
  • gentle and absorbent
  • permeable to air and water vapour
  • supple and soft

To note

Metalline Dressing Cloth

  • 4 straps are attached for securing the cloth

Metalline® Cloths

Thermal injuries, large wounds and skin diseases need functionally appropriate materials, especially during open treatment, so patients can be positioned and treated gently. Metalline large-format dressings and cloths are available as aids for a wide variety of treatment situations — from first aid to the care of long-term or permanently bedridden patients.

The main reason why Metalline is so very well suited to these indications also lies in the characteristics of the dressing material, namely its smooth, non-adherent surface which is soft, supple and porous.

The metallized nonwoven material absorbs blood and exudate, which are wicked away through the porous metalline layer.

Metalline® Dressing Kit

The Metalline Dressing Kit is made up of a ready-to-use Metalline dressing and gauze tape in a sterile package designed for use in first aid and emergency situations.


Metalline Dressing Kits

A combination of

  • a Metalline Dressing
  • gauze bandage (6 cm x 3 m, viscose, cotton thread)

Ordering information

Metalline® Dressing Cloth

sterile, in a foil pouch
Size (cm)REFShipping Units (pcs.)Weight in kg (SC/TC)
40 x 60230121/100 0.05/5.36
60 x 80230101/100 0.09/9.70
80 x 120230111/100 0.15/15.71

Metalline® Cloth

non-sterile, rolled in a cardboard box
Size (m x cm)REFShipping Units (pcs.)Weight in kg (SC/TC)
10 x 73 230701/10 0.65/6.76

Metalline® Dressing Kit

sterile, in a foil pouch, consisting of:
Größe REFShipping Units (pcs.)Weight in kg (SC/TC)
1 dressing, 35 cm x 45 cm
1 gauze bandage, 6 cm x 3 m
230001/150 0.04/6.90

Metalline® Bed sheet

sterile, in a foil pouch
Size (m x cm)REFShipping Units (pcs.)Weight in kg (SC/TC)
2.5 x 73 230501/20 0.27/5.72

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