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    Rosidal® TCS

    Two-component compression system

    From the acute phase to the healing phase...
    L&R offers a comprehensive assortment of compression bandages for all phases of treatment. As a result, a number of different compression products are available which create a consistent overall concept. Our extremely high quality standards ensure that healthcare professionals reap the maximum benefits while patients have an excellent prognosis for recovery. ‘It’s all in the mix’: This is also true for Rosidal TCS, the Rosidal Two-Component System. Two products have been combined to form a safe system: the innovative padding compression bandage Rosidal SC (Soft Compression) with integrated fabric skin protection coupled with the cohesive short stretch compression bandage Rosidal CC (Cohesive Compression). User-friendliness for both healthcare professionals and patients makes this an attractive solution. Because of the Safe-Loc feature this is a system which is easy to apply at full stretch and comfortable to wear. The low resting pressure is a clear advantage in terms of compliance, especially at night. The Rosidal TCS system components are free of natural latex making them a good alternative for people with latex hypersensitivity.

    Download the study "Two-component compression: Concordance, evidence and clinical use", published by Wounds International, 2017.


    • the Safe-Loc system: absolutely simple and no pressure indicators – safe application at full stretch
    • padding compression bandage with integrated skin protection – for high wearing comfort
    • cohesive compression bandage – adheres to itself and reduces the risk of slipping because of its high degree of static stiffness
    • thin and supple – fits easily into shoes

    Product composition

    The system is made up of:

    • soft compression bandage (Rosidal SC) = first layer
    • cohesive compression bandage (Rosidal CC) = second layer

    Fields of application

    • for the treatment of lower leg ulcers and concomitant conditions
    • for the treatment of chronic oedema


    • two components combined in a handy, ready-for-use set
    • integrated skin protection in the first layer
    • cohesive second layer
    • bandage is not very bulky
    • fits easily into shoes

    To note

    • system is intended for single use only
    • therapeutic working pressure is maintained for several days
    • applied at full stretch (Safe-Loc)
    • latex-free

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