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    There are large and growing Vascular and Lymphoedema challenges worldwide: Despite diagnosis, patients often have been on a long journey before settling on treatment. The challenges are universal - their condition is difficult to live with and they are looking for help and support from Home Care Professionals.

    L&R compression is driven by a desire to support healthcare professionals and patients on their compression therapy journey. Our mission is to improve the quality of patient's life. We develop products that don't just solve the immediate problem; but offer support over a lifetime of care.

    L&R offers patients and healthcare professionals:



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    1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

    Treatment is time-consuming and challenging

    Leg ulcers and lymphodema cost the global economy billions 4), 5), 6)

    L&R offers support for life

    Self-care compression therapy - In actual practice

    Moving patients to self-care is the key objective in the management of chronic conditions and our compression portfolio can support patients and clinicians throughout their entire treatment journeys. By identifying and offering support in addressing Home Care Professionals and patient needs throughout this journey, we offer you support. The ability to self-care is empowering! When it fits with the patient's lifestyle and is easy to apply. Let's listen to HCP and their experiences:



    Ellen's story (Skin and Oedema Therapist)

    We're always under pressure to find the right treatment at the lowest possible cost and that's why involving the patient in their treatment plan is so important. ReadyWrap® is so easy for our patients to use that it aids our clinic to reduce the number of treatment sessions from 3 to 2 per week, it also helps cut treatment times by half, in comparison to traditional bandaging. This means that patients can regain their independence, while we keep costs under control.

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    Robert's story (Community Nurse)

    When I am applying compression therapy for patients with lymphoedema and venous oedema, I sometimes need to visit a patient two or three times a week, which just isn't cost-effective. We recently trialled the ReadyWrap® compression device to see if we could save time and increase efficiencies. We managed to reduce nursing time and also reduce the swelling so much that my patient could wear his boots and get back on his bike again. A great outcome for everyone.

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    Margaret's story (Primary Carer)

    My husband developed leg ulcers after an accident left him paralysed and doctors said they may have to amputate. He had incredibly low self-esteem and was housebound. Our lives were put on hold. That's when I decided to become fully involved in John's care. Our Nurse Specialist recommended using a ReadyWrap® for his compression and we saw an incredible difference. John's wounds have almost healed and he's back in the garden again. His confidence has returned and I've got my husband back.

    Read more about Margaret's story:

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    The easy solution for self-care compression.


    The ReadyWrap compression garment makes it easy to achieve clinically effective levels of compression1), and offers the support patients need to manage their condition – not just today, but for life. The adjustable compression garments are for patients with venous and lymphatic diseases in arms and legs.

    • Empowers the patient to selfcare 11)
    • Easy to use, apply and adjust 3) ,4) - even with arthritic hands 3)
    • Low-profile design allows patients to wear their usual footwear 2)
    • Improved concordance - well tolerated by patients 4)
    • Cost-effective alternative to bandaging via self-care 11)
    • Saves time - reduces the need for clinic visits 11)
    • Short stretch Properties13), therapeutic working and tolerable lower resting pressure
    • 50% overlapping straps for oedema containment and control 4), 5)

    ReadyWrap™ is designed to improve clinical outcomes; reduce costs and improve patients' quality of life.


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