Using ReadyWrap to meet the practical and economic challenges of managing lymphoedema.

    Skin and Oedema Therapist


    Ellen’s objective was to decrease treatment time and improve cost efficiencies by moving patients to self-care. 20 patients took part in an evaluation of ReadyWrap.

    “ReadyWrap® helps me to control costs and my patients take control of their lives.”


    Patients were instructed on how to:

    • debride skin (if applicable) and prepare the wound bed at home, prior to treatment
    • apply ReadyWrap to treat and maintain oedema to prevent recurrent swelling and ulceration 
    • perform correct application and record clinical improvements 

    Clinicians recorded the time it took for each treatment episode, frequency of visits and overall treatment time.


    • frequency of treatments reduced from 3 to 2 per week 
    • treatment time reduced, on average, from 1 hour to 30 minutes 
    • reduced treatment time meant more time for patient care
    • patients showed improved mobility, greater independence, more control and better quality of life

    “Our patients need a lot of time but we have cost = time restriction. In addition we are short on clinical staff to see the patients every day!”


    For Ellen’s clinic, ReadyWrap means shorter overall treatment times, a reduction in the cost of clinic staff and less time spent in ­clinic by patients. 


    1)  Ellen Kuijper-Kuip, Skin and oedema therapist – MediSkin – Total Skin Care; Jeanette Muldoon, Activa Healthcare Ltd., L&R UK. Meeting the practical and economic challenges of managing skin and wounds using self-care as an option for patients with lymphedema. Annual Meeting of the European Wound Management Association (EWMA), Amsterdam, 3–5 May 2017

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