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L&R at EWMA Conference 2018

9th - 11th May 2018 in Krakow, Poland.

We understand that it might not always be easy to take some time off your daily work to join a congress. That is why we in return invest considerate thought in what we would like to present you at this year’s EWMA Conference 2018.

May it be there or offline via our social media channels, “content counts”! Thus, we will provide you with updates by international speakers and their practical insights that are nothing less than emerging topics: Learn more on latest clinical evidence, study results and biofilm science, always striving to link the science to practice.  

Scientific program powered by L&R

Our A symposium

"New Biofilm Science, Clinical Evidence on Pain and Self-Care: From Bench to Bedside."


Date:9th May 2018
Time:12:30 pm - 1:30 pm




  • Chair: Dr. Georgina Gethin, Ireland
    Challenges to wound healing, including infection and biofilms – what do we really know?

    • New approach by L&R to explore research into the management of biofilms, diagnostics, debridement and antimicrobial therapy.

  • Session 1: Professor Tomasz Banasiewicz, Poland
    Global and local challenges - Clinical Practice in Poland focusing on debridement

    • Global prevalence of chronic disease, symptoms and treatment.
    • Case study evidence to show effective debridement using Debrisoft. The case studies will include total symptom treatment.

  • Session 2: Dr. Kevin Woo, Canada
    Linking biofilm science to practice and the impact of anticipatory pain on wound healing

    • Lab studies through to clinical outcomes: New evidence to aid assessment and treatment.
    • Addressing the power of anticipatory pain and the link with inflammation and non-healing.
    • Case study evidence to support debridement with Debrisoft monofilament technology, potential biofilm disruption and wound improvement.

  • Session 3: Justine Whitaker, United Kingdom
    What about the patient? Self-care, effects of debridement on the action of compression.

    • New ways of linking wound care and compression on the skin and lymphatics.
    • Wound care solutions for symptom management used in conjunction with compression.

Our B symposium

"Emerging Evidence in Compression Therapy: Tissue Density, Functionality and Self-Care."


Date:10th May 2018
Time:4:00 pm - 5:00 pm




  • Chair and Session 1: Professor Neil Piller, Australia
    New methods and good science in the measurement of tissue composition, density and texture.

    • Science and new measurements in research working with clinicians

  • Session 2: Justine Whitaker, United Kingdom
    Clinical measurements in everyday practice.

    • New approaches and the implications for clinical decision making and treatment selection with compression wraps, bandages and hosiery combined with good skin and wound care.

  • Session 3: Suzie Ehmann, United States
    Functionality to measure outcomes for safety, effectiveness and cost implications.

    • Impact on safety, clinical choices, insurance and patient consideration from the physical therapist’s perspective.
    • Cost implications associated with correct treatment choices to benefit patients, care givers and payers.
    • Case studies with ReadyWrap compression devices

  • Session 4 (Justine Whitaker, United Kingdom):
    Making a difference to patients’ lives by appropriate clinical decision making and self-care.

    • Combining knowledge, appropriate wound care and compression solutions to achieve positive patient outcomes.
    • Real life stories will be presented.

Conference hours

  • Wednesday: 9:15 am - 5 pm
  • Thursday: 9 am - 5:30 pm
  • Friday: 9:15 am - 3:45 pm

Conference venue

EXPO Krakow
Galicyjska 9
31-586 Kraków, Poland


The easiest way to find the rooms where the L&R symposia will take place is the following map:

Download floorplan

Further information

More general information about the conference can be found on the EWMA 2018 website:

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