Committed to sustainability 24/7

As head of the “Task Force on Sustainability”, Thomas Menitz looks after a number of diverse projects on the integrated management of sustainability at L&R.

In addition to his responsibility for production and engineering around the world, Thomas Menitz, Chief Operating Officer, has a special mission. As head of the “Task Force on Sustainability”, he looks after a number of diverse projects on the integrated management of sustainability at L&R.

“L&R is a very agile company on a course of expansion. What drives us forward is our vision to be the preferred problem solver and a reliable partner in the fields of medicine, nursing and hygiene, as well as how we connect up the three pillars of sustainability – economic success, environmental responsibility and social commitment – with each other in the long term. Our navigator is our group strategy and sustainable agenda for all entrepreneurial decisions – our “Strategy 2020”, according to Thomas Menitz.

So much for the theory! But to what extent does the company reflect this approach in its everyday practice and is able to stand up to external checks?

L&R reviews its projects and commitments in accordance with the compliance laws and regulations. Compliance, i. e. behaviour which is consistent with national laws, international standards and regulated industry and market standards, is a must for L&R’s projects and its engagements and/or when reviewing them.

In addition, there are different organisations which carry out assessments, certification procedures and perform audits for companies with regard to sustainability. Most of them focus on the internationally recognised GRI/G4 (the GRI Sustaina bility Reporting Guidelines).

A recent example of this success is the EcoVadis bronze rating, which was awarded to L&R in the year 2015. EcoVadis is a leading provider of CSR/sustainability assessments and prepares CSR ratings for more than 120 leading global players that are used by 20,000 com panies worldwide.

This is the first time that L&R has received an award – the EcoVadis bronze seal – for its CSR performance. The EcoVadis rating system takes 21 criteria from the areas environment, social, ethics and value chain into consideration.

Diverse projects to make us a sustainable company.

Sustainability at L&R is marked by the corporate philosophy we adopt, the Strategy 2020 and our clear commitment to sustainability principles. However, only by transferring and reviewing this claim in terms of specific initiatives, projects and objectives on a daily basis is it possible to verify the sustainability commitment 24/7.

Economic sustainability:

The efficient use of scarce resources creates products and services intended to achieve long-term gains and assure the future of the company.

Economic sustainability “Made by L&R”, amongst other things:

  • Strategy 2020
  • Code of Conduct
  • EcoVadis certificate
  • Sustainable growth and innovation strategy
  • Sustainable ownership strategy and solid financing principles
  • Integrated sustainability management, activities and performance measurement system
  • L&R Academy for customers, partner organisations and employees

Environmental responsibility:

Conserving a natural habitat for survival of the human race and all living things, as well as a source of natural resources.

Environmental sustainability @L&R, amongst other things:

  • Strategy 2020
  • Code of Conduct
  • EcoVadis certificate
  • Energy management certification according to DIN ISO 50001 for L&R Germany, L&R Austria, L&R Czech Republic
  • L&R Energy Scouts honoured in a national competition throughout Germany
  • L&R natural gas vehicles

Social commitment:

Taking the effects of corporate business activities on society into account with regard to equal opportunities and education and health. 

Social commitment operated by L&R, amongst other things:

  • Strategy 2020
  • Code of Conduct
  • EcoVadis certificate
  • Own Corporate Social Sponsoring Programme:
  • L&R charity – we connect
  • Product donations of company employees for crises areas
  • Further and higher education for employees in the L&R Academy
  • Health care and sporting initiatives
  • L&R affiliates as training companies

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