L&R donated over EUR 100,000 for relief measures after the floods in Ahrtal/Germany

Rengsdorf, 9. December 2021: The medical device company Lohmann & Rauscher (L&R), based in Germany at the sites ofNeuwied and Rengsdorf, looks back on a very touching 12 months in terms of its charitable support. Product donations and the company's own charity programme, which connects old and young, already have a long tradition at L&R. This year, however, it was primarily the flood disaster in Germany that activated a great willingness to help across all hierarchical levels of the company. All in all, a total of more than 100,000 EUR was implemented in 65 different aid projects for fast, unbureaucratic and needs-oriented support in the Ahrtal.

Medical device company looks back at its charitable activities in 2021

Probably no one in Germany will forget 14 July 2021. Immense heavy rainfall caused unprecedented flooding on that day. More than 130 people died, thousands were left homeless and countless buildings were destroyed. The Ahrtal was and still is the main area affected, which has almost become a synonym for great human suffering on the one hand and immense solidarity on the other. Many companies in Germany were very quick to provide support in the face of the flood disaster - including the international medical device company L&R, which has branches in Neuwied and Rengsdorf just 50 km from the Ahrtal.

Emergency aid budget of EUR 75,000

In the first step, the L&R management provided a support amount of 50,000 EUR. A specially founded emergency aid team handled all incoming donation requests quickly and unbureaucratically. As a company in the health sector and a supplier of medical products, it was quickly clear how L&R could best help: Many helpers on the ground in the flooded areas urgently needed bandages, disinfectants, plasters and compresses. These products could easily be picked up from the L&R logistics centre in Neuwied. The donations were also used to finance work materials (e.g. shovels, wheelbarrows, work gloves), food for soup kitchens as part of the care of affected people and helpers, overnight accommodation for the suddenly homeless, playground equipment for children, etc. The donation budget was quickly exhausted and the L&R management increased it again by 25,000 EUR.

Great solidarity among L&R employees

Wolfgang Süßle, CEO of the L&R Group: "The extent of the destruction and suffering caused by the flood has been immense. As an important employer in the region, but above all as a human who works here, we are deeply affected by this event. We often tend to be rather quiet when it comes to communicating our donation activities. We have been cooperating with charitable organisations for years now and this all goes very well. But this year I want to follow the principle 'Do good and talk about it'. Because I am incredibly proud of our staff and what they have achieved in the last few months out of a huge sense of solidarity. It was not only our emergency aid or logistics teams, who handled our donations in a highly professional manner. It was also many colleagues who actively supported relief efforts on the ground. As a company in the health sector, people and the care of their health are at the centre of our actions. This attitude is not just an advertising slogan. It is reflected in our actual core business, but also very strongly in our charitable activities."

In addition to the employees who themselves helped with clean-up work in the Ahrtal, the L&R plant fire brigade was also on duty. Others who were not able to help through manual support donated to the L&R donation account that had been set up. Many L&R employees outside Germany – L&R currently has branches in 27 countries – also contributed to the fact that this account could now be closed in November with a total sum of more than 11,000 EUR. And: solidarity does not stop at a hard-earned bonus: field staff donated their team bonus in favour of L&R flood relief and increased the donation budget by another 15,000 EUR. In the end, the total donations amounted to more than 100,000 EUR, which went to 65 different relief measures. Most recently, a cash donation was handed over to 21 families in Dernau whose houses were so badly damaged that complete renovation was necessary.

Further product donations and CSS projects

L&R has also always donated medical products to people in need or places of need. In 2021, more than 200 pallets of donated products were handed over to 80 aid organisations (including those in the Ahrtal). As part of the Corporate Social Sponsoring (CSS) programme "L&R charity - we connect", which has been in place since 2015, eight projects were implemented this year - four of them in Germany (Neuwied Zoo, Neuwied Multigenerational Garden, Freundeskreis der Lebensmittelretter e.V. in Hachenburg, NDKV - Niederdürenbach sports club), one in the Czech Republic, one in the Congo and  two in Austria. With its CSS programme, L&R financially supports charitable projects of the hearts of its employees. The goal of each CSS project is to connect people of different generations.


Lohmann & Rauscher (L&R)

Lohmann & Rauscher (L&R) is a leading international developer, manufacturer and supplier of high quality, future-oriented medical devices and hygiene products – ranging from conventional bandages to modern treatment and nursing systems. Created in 1998 from the merger of the two companies Lohmann (founded in 1851) and Rauscher (founded in 1899), L&R has 170 years of expertise as a dependable partner and solution provider for its customers.

With more than 5,500 employees, 50 subsidiaries and shareholdings, as well as more than 130 selected distribution partners, L&R is represented in all important markets around the world and was able to realize a sales volume of more than 750 million euros in 2020. The company’s headquarters are located at the Rengsdorf (Germany) and Vienna (Austria) sites.

The entrepreneurial spirit of L&R reflects in the corporate claim: People.Health.Care. – the human, the health and the care for both.

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