L&R acquires Debrisoft® patent family and production facilities

Securing of the technological expertise for theportfolio of products for debridement

Lohmann & Rauscher International GmbH & Co. KG (L&R Group) is a leading international company specializing in medical devices and hygiene products. With more than 4,200 employees around the world and 40 affiliates and shareholdings in 22 countries, L&R recorded an annual turnover of approx. € 557 million in 2015. With this acquisition, L&R is securing the technological expertise for its portfolio of products for debridement in accordance with international quality criteria in the medical device market.


The L&R Group is delighted to announce this strategic acquisition, which increases the Group’s technological expertise in the field of debridement. The Group acquired the Debrisoft patent family and the production facilities from Danardo GmbH in autumn of 2015.


Danardo GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the ENJO Group which has its headquarters in Altach, Austria.


Danardo and L&R jointly developed the innovative product Debrisoft several years ago, and since then Danardo has also been producing it for L&R.
The L&R Group is now taking over all of the technological aspects of the successful Debrisoft product portfolio, along with all of the corresponding patents. Production has also been transferred to L&R in order to better satisfy increasing regulatory requirements, as growing demand and the expansion of the portfolio have necessitated an expansion of the Group’s production capacities in a way which satisfies international regulations. The special manufacturing equipment will be integrated into the existing L&R production site in Slavkov, Czech Republic, the location which has also been responsible for overseeing this product group’s further development to date.


L&R is securing the technology and production expertise for this strategically important product range and is thus paving the way for the successful further development of the company in accordance with the applicable quality criteria in the medical device market.


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