Lohmann & Rauscher (L&R) makes donation for Syria

Medical devices help save lives

Rengsdorf/Vienna (sk) – Lohmann & Rauscher (L&R) donates urgently needed medical devices to the people of war-torn Syria. By supplying its products L&R is providing humanitarian aid to help people who are suffering because of the conflict in Syria.

Surgical supplies from the German/Austrian manufacturer of medical devices, such as gowns, gloves and drapes as well as dressings and plaster of Paris bandages, are already being used on the ground and are helping to save lives. The donation consists of products with a regular market value of approximately €160,000.

In August of this year, three lorry-loads of L&R products travelled from Nettetal and Düsseldorf by plane and from there by lorry further into the crisis zone to Syria – directly to the reception centre in northern Jordan. The supplier of medical devices worked together with the aid organization Human Plus in Nettetal, Germany. “We decided to work with Human Plus because this organization has been active for many years in conflict zones, including Syria, and is familiar with the situation on the ground”, explains CEO Wolfgang Süßle, who is responsible for organizing the donation at L&R. 

L&R’s long-time logistics service provider, Ritter-Trans GmbH, based in Loipersdorf, Austria, agreed to provide transport from the L&R site in Austria to Germany at no cost. Specialized medical staff from Human Plus organized the donations after delivery based on need. An aid team took the materials directly to its operations centres and local clinics, such as a refugee camp in Jordan.

While the L&R Group feels that supporting humanitarian aid projects is part of its social responsibility, it is also something that comes very naturally to the company. These social responsibilities are expressly stated and firmly fixed in L&R’s corporate philosophy and the Group’s guiding principles.

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