Haftelast® latex-free

Cohesive Conforming Bandage

Adhesive: for retention and bandaging

Haftelast® latex-free* is the universal retention bandage for use in an outpatient or medical practice setting: The self-adhesive bandage features improved support and relief of joints, can be used for the secure and prolonged retention of Plaster of Paris or synthetic casts or for compression, as required.

It is easy to unroll and simple and fast to apply. The synthetic coating ensures each wrap adheres to the next, but without impeding movement. The dressing is easy to remove even when worn over an extended period of time.

The soft material and ease of moulding ensure good wearing comfort. Firm selvedges prevent fraying at the edges. Being skin-friendly due to its material properties, Haftelast® latex-free* can be worn by patients allergic to latex.

* free of natural rubber latex

Product composition

60 % polyamide, 40 % cotton, with a synthetic microcoating







Haftelast® latex-free

stretched length
Dimensions (cm x m)REFShipping units
cream, individually packed in a folding box
4 x 4308201/120
6 x 4308211/100
8 x 4308221/120
10 x 4308231/120
12 x 4308241/100
6 x 20308251/18
8 x 20308261/18
10 x 20308271/18
12 x 20308281/18
blue, individually packed in a folding box
6 x 20308291/18
8 x 20308301/18
red, individually packed in a folding box
6 x 20308311/18
8 x 20308321/18
yellow, individually packed in a folding box
6 x 20308331/18
8 x 20308341/18
blue, 6 pcs. in bulk in a cardboard box
6 x 20308356/24
8 x 20308366/24
red, 6 pcs. in bulk in a cardboard box
6 x 20308376/24
8 x 20308386/24
yellow, 6 pcs. in bulk in a cardboard box
6 x 20308396/24
8 x 20308406/24

Fields of application

  • for retention (e.g. of wound dressings, padding material, splints and cannulas)
  • for immobilisation of limbs


  • lengthwise elastic (cream: approx. 105%; blue, red, yellow: approx. 80%)
  • cohesive (self-adhesive)
  • free of natural rubber latex
  • air-permeable
  • soft material, easy to shape
  • easy to unroll
  • reliably stays in place
  • with selvedges