Setpack® Swabs, X-ray detectable

Economical | safe | flexible | ready-for-use

The ready-for-use Setpack® Swabs, X-ray detectable, made from absorbent cotton gauze (DIN EN 14079) are suitable for use in the OR. The swabs contain an X-ray detectable thread. Every set has a duplicate, detached, self-adhesive counting card.

Product composition

100 % cotton, X-ray detectable thread (blue, polypropylene, polyester thread, barium sulphate), the safety ring is made from silicone


Setpack® Swabs, X-ray detectable

SizeREFShipping units
Pack of 5
fist-sized 72280016/48
Pack of 10
walnut-sized 22280172/144
plum-sized 32280238/114
egg-sized 42280326/78
extra-large 62280418/54
Pack of 15
plum-sized 32280530/90
egg-sized 42280620/60
extra-large 62280712/36
Pack of 20
plum-sized 32280826/78
egg-sized 42280916/48
extra-large 6228106/18

Fields of application

  • designed for immediate use in the OR
  • to absorb blood and secretions during surgical procedures


  • made from absorbent cotton gauze in compliance with DIN EN 14079
  • soft and highly absorbent
  • with safety ring made of silicon
  • 20 threads
  • double packaging for sterile materials
  • separately attached, double, self-adhesive counting cards