Suprasorb® G

Gel Dressing

The new improved version of the proven L&R Suprasorb® G Gel Dressing is now available. The hydrogel gently removes slough, necrotic tissue and tissue debris from the wound bed and retains them.44)45) Suprasorb® G Gel Dressings donate moisture and alleviate pain46)47) and are very comfortable for the patient to wear. The high-quality gel dressings are viewed favourably by doctors and nursing staff due to their ease of application and user-friendly handling.48)



  • gently removes necrotic tissue44)45)
  • absorbs it into the gel

Your benefits

  • effective autolytic debridement


  • supplies moisture and relieves wound pain46)47)49)

Your benefits

  • the moist wound environment promotes granulation and epithelisation
  • increased quality of life for the patient (by relieving pain)


  • easy to mould48)50)

Your benefits

  • easy and safe to apply

Product composition

hydrogel: water, acrylic polymers based on a taurate derivative, polyethylene, phenoxyethanol
Carrier film: polyethylene
white application aid: polyethylene


Suprasorb® G

sterile, individually sealed
Dimensions (cm)REFShipping units
5 x 6.5336305/400
10 x 10336315/150
20 x 20336323/60

Fields of application

  • dry wounds and wounds with low amounts of exudate
  • acute or chronic superficial wounds, e.g.:
    • lower leg ulcers
    • pressure ulcers
    • 1st and 2nd degree burns
    • scalds
  • Wound healing stages:
    • Exudation phase
    • Granulation phase
    • Epithelialisation phase


  • gently removes necrotic tissue and absorbs it into the gel
  • high level of moisture donation for an effective autolytic debridement
  • supplies moisture and relieves wound pain
  • easy to mould

To note

  • Suprasorb® G Gel Dressing can be applied beyond the wound edge and cut to the size of the wound area as required.
  • If the clear liner remains on the pouch interior, this should be placed onto the gel dressing prior to use. Use only with a gloved hand or forceps.

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