17 February

    A better future for wound care in Tunisia and whole Africa

    As a global medical device company, L&R is not only developing, manufacturing and distributing high-quality products and services. We know about the importance of education and training for health care professionals. They are – next to good, available products – the basis for good patient care. L&R fosters the collaboration with different stakeholders in that respect and establishes or invests in training institutions – for the sustainable sake of the users, patients, the health care systems and the society at all. Latest example of that is the first Wound Care Training Center in Tunisia.

    Watch the video of the inauguration ceremony!

    Chronic wounds impose a significant and often underappreciated burden to the individual, the healthcare system and the society as a whole. The problem will be further aggravated by the increased incidence of lifestyle diseases that are also associated with wounds, such as diabetes. Today, the training of health care professionals in wound care in Tunisia is in great need of improvement and patient care is suffering. For example, many Diabetes patients with chronic or non-healing leg wounds are at risk of having their leg amputated.

    L&R Middle East Africa and the local partner in Tunisia, the Association Tunisienne des Plaies et Cicatrisations (ATPC), decided to establish the first Wound Care Training Centre in Tunis. The aim of this center is to create a leading institution for wound healing treatment. Among others, one very essential impact of the training center in short and long term is to reduce the rate of amputations.

    On 10 February 2023, L&R Middle East Africa and the “Association Tunisienne des Plaies et Cicatrisations (ATPC)” welcomed more than 200 guests at the inauguration ceremony. Ali Mrabet, the Tunisian Minister of Health, opened the ceremony and testified to the importance of the project with his presence. He stated that this center meant a new era of improved wound care in Tunisia - for the sake of patients, doctors and other health care professionals. 

    On behalf of the ATPC, Professor Dr. Ramy Ben Salah welcomed the attendees: The representatives from several countries in Africa (Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire, Congo, Algeria, Cameroun, Gambia, Mali, Niger, etc.) expressed the importance of the new centre in their speeches, as the centre's programme is also open to medical professionals outside Tunisia. The centre will therefore have a highly positive and sustainable impact on many African countries and people or their situation of wound care

    The inauguration ceremony also provided first insights into the forward-looking program of the training center. Among others, there will be lectures about the use of stem cells, telecommunication and other digital solutions in healthcare.

      Address of the new center:
      03 Rue Avicennne El Menzah 6 Ariana, Tunis.

      Start of the training programme in the center:
      25th of February 2023

      Contact for more information on the center:

      • Professor Dr.  Ramy Ben Salah, President ATPC, Tel: 00216 98467891
      • Atef Boutej, Director L&R Tunesia, Tel: 00216 25680014
      • Emna Bhouri, Assistant of Atef Boutej / L&R Tunesia, Tel: 00216 25680035