20 November

    Doctors with ambitions: Live from a dermatology practice in Munich, Germany

    At the “Dermatologie am Sendlinger Tor” practice, the shared values of the three dermatologists and their group practice’s team are front and centre.

    Das Magazin chatted with Dr. Wißmüller, as a representative of the practice, about her career to date and we wanted to get a sense of a typical day at the Munich practice specialising in phlebology and dermatology.

    Dr. Wißmüller trained as a medical assistant at her father’s general medical practice before she earned a degree in medicine from the University of Göttigen. She completed residencies and qualified as a specialist in dermatological and venereal diseases at the Alpenklinik Santa Maria rehab clinic in Oberjoch/Allgäu, Germany, which specialises in treating atopic conditions in paediatric and adolescent populations, and at the Dermatologikum Hamburg, a dermatology clinic. She pursued further training at the University Dermatology Clinic in Würzburg with Prof. Bröcker and at the Department for Venous and Dermatological Surgery at the Krankenhaus Tabea hospital, Hamburg’s largest specialty hospital for the treatment of venous disorders.

    The Dermatology am Sendlinger Tor practice, which Dr. Wißmüller has run with her business partner Dr. Kensy for the past two years, is located centrally in the Munich city centre near Marienplatz. The dermatologists treat patients of all ages. The practice is equipped with an OR for outpatient surgery, as well as modern equipment for sonography, radiofrequency therapy, laser therapy and dermatoscopy. The dermatologists offer a large range of phlebology and dermatology services.

    Name: Dr. med. Esther Wißmüller
    Age: 38 years old
    Family status: married
    Location of the practice: Munich, Germany
    Education and training: MD with a specialty in dermatology and venerology
    How long she has had the practice: 2 years
    Age group of your patients: from 0 to 95 years old

    What does it mean to you to work as a physician in Munich?

    Dr. Wißmüller: In a large city like Munich we can offer a really wide range of treatments at our private practice. We treat everyone, from infants to adolescents, young adults, adults and seniors. Each age group has its own special medical issues and specific psychological challenges. While receiving training in my specialty, I became familiar with a broad spectrum of indications and patients. We see this sort of diversity every day at our practice in Munich and every day new considerations and issues come up. Munich is also a very lively city with a lot of recreational and leisure activities available, including sports, cultural events and culinary offerings.

    For what sorts of problems do your patients come to you?

    Dr. Wißmüller: Our patients come to us with skin and vein problems, aesthetic issues and allergy symptoms. We – the three dermatologists and our team – offer care in a variety of specialty areas, including:

    • Phlebology (vein treatment)
    • Classical dermatology
    • Skin cancer preand post-op care
    • Consulting hours for paediatric patients
    • Laser medicine
    • Aesthetic dermatology
    • Outpatient surgery

    We are also one of the few certified Venefit centres (VNUS ClosureFast) in Munich, with more than 1,000 procedures performed.

    What do you love the most about your profession?

    Dr. Wißmüller: I’m a dermatologist because it is my passion and I think it is wonderful that in my job I get to work with people every day, helping them with problems and medical conditions. To be able to experience this diversity of people with their individual issues day after day remains exciting, day after day. We are able to take the time to listen to and help our patients in the way they need. This is very fulfilling and makes me feel good about what I do.

    Which part of your work could you do without?

    Dr. Wißmüller: As physicians, dealing with bureaucracy is something we can’t avoid, but there are some bureaucratic requirements that are truly unnecessary and superfluous.

    What is a typical work week like for you?

    Dr. Wißmüller: Most of my time is spent seeing patients, but I also spend time doing the necessary documentation and practice management. But because we work really well as a team, I enjoy this combination, which our patients can also sense. We also regularly post interesting information relating to dermatology and phlebology on our website (www.hautarzt-venen-muenchen.de). We do the research, write the texts, post them and make time to answer questions from readers.

    Which L&R products do you use?

    Dr. Wißmüller: We use a wide range of products from L&R, including dressing materials, OR drape systems, wound dressings, dressing pads, swabs and gloves.

    What health-related issues are most important to you?

    Dr. Wißmüller: Naturally, my top priority is the skin and veins. Every day at my practice I experience how important holistic well-being is for my patients and I use our large offering of services in combination with a holistic view of my patients.

    Is there an indication for which you would like to discover a solution?

    Dr. Wißmüller: Alopecia (hair loss)! There are three main types of hair loss: genetic alopecia, diffuse alopecia and autoimmunerelated alopecia. In addition to performing extensive blood testing, we perform cuttingedge computeraided diagnostic testing, using a technology called TrichoScan, which reliably determines the causes of alopecia. In terms of treatments, our practice also offers mesotherapy, which involves injecting active substances under the scalp. It can provide some relief for alopecia sufferers, but if medical research is ever able to develop an effective treatment for alopecia, it will be a huge deal indeed.

    A breakthrough in the research for effective treatment options for the chronic condition vitiligo would also be a huge deal. Vitiligo is a noncontagious disorder of the skin’s pigment. Over the course of their lifetime, a person with vitiligo will develop clearly delineated white patches which get bigger over time. The model Winnie Harlow has vitiligo, for example. She uses the pigment disorder as a her trademark, making a statement about new interpretations of beauty in the lifestyle industry and on the runway.

    What would you like to have in the future?

    Dr. Wißmüller: Satisfied patients, a happy team and to keep enjoying my work.