das magazin / 25 September

    The L&R world in numbers

    Clicks, fibres and recycling

    Chile has a population* of 18 million inhabitants on 756,102 km
    Debrisoft has a fibre density of 18 million fibres on 10 cm2

    *Summer 2018

    The world in clicks. Lohmann & Rauscher’s social media bandwidth.

    Partnership/on-site advising

    Invitation to the target group before the trade fair start date to contact L&R locally (Arab Health)

    824 post clicks

    Service/application techniques:

    Acquiring knowledge about appropriate compression for wound management (Rosidal)

    79,731 people reached

    Hot topic, engagement Experts, corporate news:

    video on the topic of the biofilm symposiuml


    Campaigns for customer engagement:

    Limited-time anniversary campaign with German-speaking OR healthcare professionals “KitBack”

    371 post clicks

    Therapy support:

    Support for healthcare professionals with treating patients with osteoarthritis in Germany (osteoarthritis)

    938 people reached

    Sentina Single-use instruments for hospitals, medical practices and nursing care

    They meet the highest quality and safety standards. Using new, completely sterile instruments keeps safety risks to a minimum and helps reduce infection rates. In addition, our Sentina Single-use instruments are 99 percent recyclable, so they help protect the environment.


    We produce approx. 38,000,000 m² of this material every year. That’s enough material for Christo to wrap the Reichstag, the home of the German parliament, a full 347-times.