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Corporate Social Sponsoring

L&R connects generations.

The internal L&R Corporate Social Sponsoring (CSS Programme) programme ‘L&R charity – we connect’ was launched in September 2015. With this programme the L&R Group sponsors projects about which its employees are passionate and which strive to connect different generations. These projects also have a connection to L&R products or business activities and are of limited duration. The L&R project patron is assisted in the execution of the project by an outside organisation that is based near an L&R site or carries out the project near an L&R site. Below you will find a description of some of the projects that have been completed successfully since this programme was established: 

Employee Patron Projects 2016

Pre-Christmas Fire Show

In the Rhineland-Palatinate town of Mendig (Germany), every year during the advent season the ‘Pre-Christmas Fire Magic’ fundraiser is held. It has an entertaining programme for adults and kids, along with numerous culinary highlights. Proceeds from the market are donated to local child welfare groups. There had long been a plan in the works to build a covered parking area where materials can be stored or, if the weather is bad, part of the ‘Fire Magic’ market can be relocated under a shelter out of the weather. At the initiative of project patron Harald Frank, L&R financed the covered parking area that was built in record time in the autumn of 2016 thanks to many volunteers and was first used for the ‘Fire Magic’ event during the 2016 advent season.

Preparation for any eventuality

In the Czech town of Ostrava in the spring and autumn of 2016, two rounds of first aid classes were offered to grandparents that taught them first aid techniques specifically for their (grand)children. In addition to learning new information, the grandparents were also given comprehensive informational material to use as a reference at home so they can refresh their knowledge any time on their own. The classes were very popular and filled up very quickly and Czech television even reported on the involvement of L&R project patron Tomáš Folkner, who had initiated and organised the classes.

Shining with the stars!

The torch concert put on by the band Rumpelstil in Koblenz (Germany) is geared toward the whole family: Against the backdrop of the Deutsches Eck headland right on the Rhine river, visitors can enjoy entertaining side events ranging from face painting to a balloon contest. The high point of the evening and the concert, however, is the song during which concert goers shine electric torches they have brought and the concert venue twinkles as brightly as the starry night. Profits from the event go to the Bunter Kreis Rheinland e. V., which helps families with severely ill children. At the initiative of L&R project patron Petra Butter, L&R was the main sponsor of the event in 2016.

Lively exchange between school and nursing home

In early 2016 the Elisabethstift school in Berlin (Germany) had the idea to organise afternoon get-togethers for playing music and doing creative activities for the students and residents of a nearby nursing home, and L&R provided the funds for musical instruments and creative craft supplies. These music and creative afternoons have now become an established part of the social life of the school and the nursing home and are being continued every school year. As well as a craft club in which the students make little presents for the seniors, there are little concerts and foster grandparent relationships have formed between the children and seniors and the seniors attend school events such as the summer fête and a Christmas church service. With the help of project patron Eva Ebert, L&R was thus able to kick start a project which has now taken on a life of its own and is continuing on without financial assistance from L&R. 

Welcome and hello

In the summer of 2016, L&R project patron Anja Gasteiger organised a number of outings in Tirol (Austria) for refugees of all ages, children and adults from Tirol and the residents of two local nursing homes. During the leisure activities, such as trips to alpine meadows and boat trips, the participants got to know each other and friendships and foster grandparent relationships quickly formed: In addition to providing a now reliable source of assistance with, for example, homework, dealing with the authorities or searching for an apartment, foster grandparent relationships formed between unaccompanied children and adolescents and the seniors, with both sides benefiting.

A gathering place for adults and kids

On 30 September 2016 the children’s hospice Kinderhospiz Cuxhaven-Bremerhaven e. V. (Germany) opened. It provides care for terminally ill children and their parents and siblings as well as support for grieving children and for parents who have experienced a miscarriage or stillbirth. In addition to grief counselling for the period of time needed by the individual, the goal is also to create a friendly atmosphere that helps ease the transition to daily life after the mourning phase. An important part of creating this atmosphere was setting up a play space as a gathering spot for children, families and volunteers, where everyone can spend their free time together. On the initiative of project patron Karima Köppen, L&R helped make this project a reality.

Aid for Belarus

The non-profit organisation Freu(n)de für Belarus e. V. in Heimbach-Weis (Germany) has for the last 25 years been helping those who live in areas in Belarus that are still contaminated with radiation. In the summer, a programme is run specifically for children to visit non-irradiated areas in Germany for three weeks, and this stay is also always used for doctor’s visits and purchasing needed items. L&R project patron Fabian Jacobi has a family connection to the non-profit charity because his grandparents are founding members. Through his involvement, in the summer of 2016 L&R paid the expenses of about 60 children to travel from Belarus to Neuwied, where they were cared for by members of the non-profit charity during their respite stay.

Exercise and play for all ages

In the spring of 2016, the community of Niederzissen (Germany) planned the construction of a multigenerational playground that would not only be a place for children to play but also would have fitness equipment for adults. Furthermore, some of the equipment is designed specifically to meet the needs of seniors. Thanks to the instigation of project patron Armin Retterath, L&R assumed some of the costs. The playground opened in April 2016 and has since become a gathering spot for members of the community.

Employee Patron Projects 2015

Advent event for a good cause

The Christmas House in Neuwied (Germany) is a gathering place for young and old alike every year during the Christmas season. At the initiative of project patron Meikel Rockenfeller, in December 2015 L&R financed the purchase of a variety of decoration materials and consumer goods. Proceeds from the Christmas House are traditionally donated to the ‘Help us live’ campaign, an initiative of the Rhein-Zeitung newspaper in Koblenz, which received a donation of EUR 8,000 in 2015.

Are you an L&R employee and do you have a project you are passionate about that we can sponsor? Then become a project patron and submit it to CSS@LRmed.com !